October 17, 2018

Should you go to Copenhagen for New Year?

Copenhagen is one of the most raved about cities in Europe especially when it comes to travelling there in winter.

But what is it like to visit and celebrate New Year? I went two years ago and spent three nights in the Danish capital.

It was cold but it was definitely a good time to head there with attractions such as Tivoli looking their best.

So to help you decide if Copenhagen is where you want to celebrate your New Year, i’ve put together this guide on what’s open and where you can stay.

A Christmas tree in Tivoli Gardens, Copenhagen

What’s open in Copenhagen over the new year period?

Copenhagen is one of the cities that is best enjoyed by boat or on foot so there are plenty of things to do.

Soldiers in Copenhagen

Tivoli Gardens in Copenhagen

However one observation I would make is that the evenings were rather quiet so I actually went to the cinema!

What can you do for New Year’s Eve?

Lots of things are open on New Year’s Eve but for a lot of them, you have to book ahead and eat from a set menu. Copenhagen also has an event in the main square that is said to be worth a visit. You can see the fireworks from Tivoli there.

Tivoli in Copenhagen

We ended up having to eat wherever we could find and decided to just wander around the city. We were told that one of the bridges in the town was the best place to stand so we stopped at a service station that had a Starbucks coffee inside it and then wandered to find a spot.

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As soon as it hit midnight, we were surrounded by locals setting off boxes of fireworks in the street and there were fireworks as far as the eye could see. It was nice but being it did seem like a bit of a health hazard. We walked back to the hotel and were in bed by one – my kind of New Year’s Eve!

Where should you stay?

I ended up booking mine last minute and staying in some place that can only be described as a converted office building that was rather chilly. It was called the Imperial Hotel – don’t stay there!

However a quick scan of rooms available shoe Meninger Hostel – I’ve heard incredibly good things about them and the Radisson Blu still have good prices for staying on New Year’s Eve.

Hotel Kong Arthur also has some well priced rooms – one of the top hotels in Copenhagen!

Based on my experience, would I go again?

I’ll be honest, I found Copenhagen incredibly expensive which put a bit of a downer on it. It was a perfectly nice city and Tivoli was stunning and I thoroughly enjoyed the walking tour around the city but I think the cost of things completely surprised me.

Should you go to Copenhagen for new year? Sure, just make sure it’s a year when you’re willing to shell out some bucks on a nice place to stay – and definitely make dinner reservations before you go!

Where is your favourite destination for New Year’s Eve?

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    Nice post! Thanks for sharing!

  2. Chloe says:

    Excited to book New Years in Copenhagen and now feeling sufficiently unexcited. Thanks 🤣🤣🤣

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