July 9, 2019

The problem with Paris photos on Instagram

You know from previous posts how much I love using Instagram to scout new locations.

Hell, if you follow me on Instagram, you’ll know how much I love the social media platform. It’s actually probably my favourite one.

I use twitter for work and probably Facebook Messenger for keeping in contact with my friends but aside from that I tend to stay away from them. Especially Facebook.

There’s been lots of reports on how damaging it can be and I can totally understand that so I try and take it with a pinch of salt as much as possible and just see it for what it is……..pretty pictures.

But i’d never really thought about some of the images I see on Instagram and how it differs from reality. That was until I went to Paris.

Sophie on a side street in front of the Eiffel Tower

Paris is one of the most beautiful locations in the world and it’s no surprise why Instagrammers love it.

But are the images we’re seeing on the social media platform real?

I went to two locations that people had been raving on Instagram and here is what I found:

Eiffel Tower

There’s this great spot that people talk about on Instagram that has the most beautiful view of the Eiffel Tower.

Not only does it get the view in perfect shot but it is also down a side street that is screaming an OMG I’M IN FRANCE PICTURE FOR THE GRAM.

But when I got outside the Theatre de la Tour Eiffel, I noticed that the angle of the street just didn’t work with the picture. And also there were loads of parked cars.

It was only then I spotted that people had been posing in a private garden that had a sign saying it was private. Since then i’ve spotted a few blogs commenting that they went into the garden for pics and that people around “didn’t seem to mind.”

Ah, so that’s how it works then.

The picture I got turned out badly because i’m not prepared to cross private property for a photograph. And then a car came along right as I was posing! And actually, I found a better spot a few streets further along.


Let’s just start this off by saying Opera is absolutely stunning. I’ve been wanting to go for a really long time but always seemed to be in Paris on a day it was closed.

A few weeks before I noticed that quite a few popular instagrammers had been and taken photos (I was kind of *cough* massively annoyed by this).

When I finally went I was a bit shocked at how many people were there. We definitely got there the same time as a tour bus but waited behind.

Even then, the stairs were full and you couldn’t go anywhere without being surrounded by a LOT of people. And this was on a weekday!

I didn’t really get the chance to pose for any photos and ended up taking a lot of the beautiful architecture – as it should be!

But when I went back and looked at their pictures and saw that they were wearing ballgowns on the staircases and there didn’t seem to be another person in sight.

Either they were very good at photoshop or were given early access by someone connected with the tourist board.

After those two instances, I’ve become to realise that Instagram in Paris isn’t exactly what you see on your screens.

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