July 4, 2018

Luma Hotel Hammersmith: A good place to stay in London

It’s always hard trying to pick somewhere to stay when you’re visiting a new place.

Before I re-settled in London for work a couple of years ago, I spent quite a lot of time going backwards and forwards to the capital.

I became familiar with Last Minute.com and I figured out exactly what I wanted from my stay when travelling for work.

A desk, a comfy bed and a nice location close to the underground and room service breakfast. I know. I’m lazy. But room service breakfast genuinely is the best.

Now that I live in London I don’t need to panic about trying to find some kind of business hotel to stay in for a decent price.

Luma hotel sign

However when the folks at LUMA invited me to stay and experience their Hammersmith hotel for myself, I jumped at the chance.

Not going to lie, I love a good staycation and the lazy part of me rarely treks to Hammersmith so it was a good reason to go.

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I headed there during a day off work and checked in to my room on the top floor.

Luma hotel room

Upon first look, the hotel had what I usually require from a hotel – the comfy bed, a desk and a nice tv.

It also had a good coffee machine and a tablet that you could use to identify what to do in the local area.

the phone service in rooms

Oh and the Underground is a maximum 10 minute walk away.

The amenities were nice too – because i’m always that person that forgets everything when staying somewhere. I tend to end up in Boots buying stuff I know I already have back home.

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Also the conditioner made my hair the softest it’s ever been.

I settled in, sticking on the last of the French Open match before heading out for a walk around the area. It was a hot day so I was rather pleased when I found an awesome Icelandic hotdog shop that sold ice cream. I had a cone with strawberries and pieces of Bourbon Biscuits.

I popped into Primark to get a few things, went to M&S for some magazines and then got a takeaway from Nandos and settled in for the night.

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The following morning I popped down to get my Grab & Go breakfast – which is basically a piece of fruit, juice and a pastry from a local bakery.

the breakfast bags in reception

There is also a coffee machine.

I like the idea that you can just come downstairs and grab it before either heading out for a meeting or eating it in your room.

Breakfast at the Luma Hotel

My only gripe? It doesn’t come to me and I have to go downstairs! Aside from that, I liked the ease of it.

I got back into bed and eat my breakfast with the television on and stayed there until it was officially time to check out – see I am lazy! And then I headed to work for the evening shift.

Overall, my stay with LUMA was very good and I would definitely recommend it for a business hotel option if you’re looking for something close to a station and fairly central.

Note: I stayed at LUMA hotel free of charge for my review. But I would genuinely stay there for a work trip.

All words and opinions are my own. 

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