June 18, 2019

Las Vegas: For fans of The Killers

Think Vegas and three things will likely spring to mind – gambling, Elvis and…..The Killers.

Now from recent posts, it’s clear that i’m a big fan of the lads from Sin City, and it got me thinking that there really should be a definitive guide to the city based on ‘the boys.’ 

So years on from going on my Killers themed trip to Vegas – where I awkwardly saluted outside of Sam’s Town and also took some equally grim photos at the bones case in Hard Rock, here is my guide to seeing the glitz and glamour Vegas style.

This is also probably a semi confession into how much my love for them is.

Sam’s Town

Well we may as well start from the top. Possibly the best album the band have made yet, Sam’s Town was named after a hotel off the strip that some of the band members could see from their apartments.

Sams Town Gambling Hall

Step inside this hotel and it’s like wandering back through time.

It’s tacky, it’s glorious, it’s got the Nevada long horned sheep and there are so many photo opportunities.

Plus there’s a cowboy store and every girl needs a pair of boots. Every girl.

If you’re looking for somewhere budget to stay, it’s a dream. The last time I stayed there, the cost of a room was 20 bucks. Of course, when The Killers decided to play there, they massively hiked up the prices.

Also depending on how ‘killer’ your fandom is, you can definitely hum Enterlude and Exitlude on your way in and out.

The Neon Museum

The Neon Boneyard is an instagrammers dream. The main collection contains more than 200 unrestored signs which at sunset are illuminated. The pieces range from the 1930s to the present day.

The museum is also where part of the video for All These Things That I’ve Done was filmed.

Honestly, I think it might be my favourite music video of theirs.


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The Bones Hard Rock case

If you’re a music fan then it’s pretty likely that you’ll be heading to Hard Rock at some point.

If you do, make sure to go to the hotel and check out the Bones case as you enter the building. It’s got their costumes in it from the video along with musical instruments.

I apologise for this awful photo. I was young and impressionable and had seen them the month before in London.

No. It’s still not okay.

The Killers Hard Rock Bones case

The Bones case is right in the entrance to the hotel (I however am sat on my couch cringing)

…… don’t forget the Sam’s Town sign at the Hard Rock Cafe on the strip

Yes that means you’ve got to take in another Hard Rock but it does mean you tick off the original Sam’s Town sign that was used during the tour off your list.

Freemont Street Experience

Firstly, Freemont Street is SO much fun.

And secondly, the band are given a mention during the nightly light performance there so it’s definitely a place to get your Killers fix.

The show features their biggest hits such as Mr Brightside, When You Were Young and bizarrely…….. The Man (no comment).

I think i’ll leave it there. But if you’re looking to get out of the city, then i’d suggest heading to the Valley of Fire. Plus it gives you the chance to get on the highway and blast The Killers as loud as you can.

If you think this isn’t Victimy enough then be sure to visit this Victim’s Guide to Las Vegas.

But one thing I would say, is don’t be stalkery. Just enjoy the Las Vegas connections and don’t start turning up at their houses

… that’s fucking weird.

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