October 11, 2018

Friday feeling: Aches, pains and Fibromyalgia

So i’ve been thinking about some kind of weekly update thing for a while and at one point considered setting up a newsletter.

But then I decided to come to where people read my stuff….. my blog!

So from now on i’ll be writing a personal post once a week with an update or musings on random things that have happened.

And this week’s theme is……


And man it has been a pain this week.

I’ve been experiencing pain throughout my body for around two years now. At first it was mainly my joints and led doctors to believe that it was arthritis – after all, the Sophie Rose family are absolutely riddled with it.

Wearing: Top (Forever 21), Jeans (Miss Selfridge) and eating doughnuts from Doughnut Time

Almost a year and a half of pills, MRI scans, X-rays and all, it was revealed that I have in fact fibromyalgia. I’ll be honest, I wasn’t really sure what it was besides the fact that Lady Gaga has it and she says it’s painful.

And believe me, it’s painful. Most days are fine but this week it has been an arse. Saturday was the worst. I spent it mainly feeling sorry for myself on the sofa.

Fibromyalgia means that there are days when it’s difficult to get out of bed and there are days when your joints seize up and you curse yourself for that extra large workout the day before, or standing up all day at that festival.

And there are some days where you don’t feel like you’ve slept at all. And the brain fog. I am probably one of the most forgetful people among my friends, actually probably one of the most forgetful people you will ever meet.

However, doctors say that by taking medicine and exercising, some of the signs of fibromyalgia can go away.

So yes I have been in the gym more often and yes i’m trying to have a few earlier nights. But mainly i’m finally glad to know what’s been going on for the past two years.

What is fibromyalgia?

Here’s what the NHS have to say about it.

Fibromyalgia, also called fibromyalgia syndrome (FMS), is a long-term condition that causes pain all over the body.

As well as widespread pain, people with fibromyalgia may also have:

If anyone reading this has Fibromyalgia, believe me I feel you. It’s something that’s quite hard to understand as there’s so little about it and the advice can be so hit and miss.

And for anyone like me who has just found out they have it, keep going. We’ll all tackle this together.

On that note, tune in next Friday for the next instalment of…..Friday feeling! 


One response to “Friday feeling: Aches, pains and Fibromyalgia”

  1. Roma says:

    I hear you Soph, riddled with inflammation myself I’m still in the diagnosis stages. Now you have a diagnosis perhaps you can move into maintenance stages

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