May 31, 2019

French Open: How to see matches at Roland Garros

The French Open is one of the four grand slams in the tennis calendar and a must visit for fans of the sport.

Held every year, Roland Garros is one of the easiest tournaments to get to from the UK. It’s also very easy to get multiple tickets to.

Wimbledon holds a ballot process for tickets every year whereas the French Open has a general sale allowing you to buy multiple tickets for the event.

Why would you need to go more than once? Because once you’ve gone for one day, you’ll want to go again!

French Open court

How to get French Open Tickets

As I mentioned before, tickets are available in a general sale. Be sure to sign up and create an account before tickets go on sale.

Make sure you research the courts and know where you want to see matches.

For my trip, I bought a ticket for Phillip Chatrier (the biggest court) and then a day ticket for the following day. The day ticket allowed me entry onto the outside courts as long as there was a space.

It’s definitely worth it as you can see so much tennis for just a small price and you’re bound to see some major players.

French Open

Chatrier is always worth it. I got lucky with my ticket and ended up seeing Nadal, Djokovic, Serena and Wozniacki all in the same day. I must have stayed in my seat for hours but I couldn’t miss all of the good tennis!

Beware – you have to bring ID to go with the name on your ticket so don’t buy it from a secondary ticketing website otherwise you won’t get in.

For all of the information on ticket sales and a guide to the courts visit the French Open website.

Where is Roland Garros and what is it like?

Roland Garros is based in the western side of Paris. The closest station is Porte d’Auteuil.

When I visited, I stayed at Le Meridien Etoile and walked there. It took an hour each way but it was though a pretty wood and also meant you didn’t have to experience the Paris Metro rush hour!

I absolutely loved my time at the French Open. It’s basically Disneyland for tennis fans. The players wander around, there are plenty of food stands and there are gift shops everywhere. And every corner you turn, there is a good game going on. I could have stayed there forever.

I like to call it Disneyland for tennis fans – it is an actual dream. Tennis players wander around, there are food stands and gift shops everywhere. And every corner you turn, there is a good game going on.

It can get very busy so be prepared to wait in queues to get into matches if you’ve got a day ticket.

If you’ve got some spare time make sure to visit the practice area where players warm up before matches. You never know who you might see!

What should I/ shouldn’t I bring?

The French Open seems to have a very strict set of rules on things such as cameras and selfie sticks. I had the stick attached to my GoPro and the guards said I couldn’t bring it in (they kindly let me leave it behind at the gate and collect it later).

The rules behind cameras was a bit stranger – on the website it made it seem like bulky cameras weren’t allowed however many people seemed to have large professional SLR cameras. Because I was a bit worried about the rules, I borrowed the new Huawei P30 from Three. It was excellent and exactly what I needed to get around – and the battery lasted forever.

You can bring one bottle of water with you and you are allowed to bring in food with you so if you want to save money, it’s worth bringing a packed lunch.

Definitely bring sunglasses – it can get very glary on some of the courts and also very hot so remember to bring sunscreen. And perhaps a hat too.

I spent a lot of time checking on the other matches too so it’s a good idea to bring a battery pack for your phone.

So how did I rate my first visit?

I absolutely loved visiting the French Open and to be honest, i’d still be there now if I could. The staff were friendly, helpful and happy to help.

It was also central to Paris and not very difficult to get to at all.

French Open wall

I liked booking tickets for two days because I got to see some great tennis and explore the site. I also thought the number of games per court were fantastic value for money. You wouldn’t get four matches on Centre Court at Wimbledon in one day!

The food on site was relatively well priced – big fan of the iced coffee from the Lavazza stand and the Roland Garros cups that came with them. Oh and the ice creams!

Basically if you’re a tennis fan, you really should go!

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