March 2, 2019

ELAN Cafe London: Is it really worth the trip?

Elan Cafe in London is the one place that will prop up on your Instagram feed. You can tell it a mile off because everything in the photos is pink, oh and floral.

It used to be known for its flower walls, but it’s now also known for its love heart displays that seem to be propping up on everyone’s instagram feed at the moment.

I’d been meaning to go for a while, so I finally went along with a buddy of mine to the Brompton Road cafe.

We decided to head there for brunch as I had work later on and we were also a bit worried about the queues.

Elan Cafe is very popular so it’s best to visit at a less busy time.

We managed to get a seat upon entering but there weren’t any seats at the back of the cafe which is where all of the pretty flower walls are.

I was a bit annoyed because a couple entered after us and they ended up being moved despite our earlier requests. Perhaps they were just there at the right time.

Anyway we were so hungry we decided just to go with it.

The thing that hit me first of all was that all of the women in the cafe seemed to be wearing pink. They had dressed up for the occasion – just for Instagram.

One woman came into the cafe in a pink suit and requested the flower wall. She waited 35 minutes just for the flower wall.  The team seemed to be fairly accommodating so I guess this happens quite often!

Everything about the cafe is geared up for Instagram – even the menus tell customers which coffees are the best to have in order to take a picture ‘for the gram’. Some of which will set you back £16! Outrageous.

I’ve said in past posts how much I love Instagram. It’s helped me find new locations when travelling, but Elan Cafe seemed to show the narcasistic side to it. Something about ordering your food so it matched the colour of both the room and your own clothing just didn’t sit right with me.

Plus, the tables were so squeezed in together in order to seat as many as possible, it would have been hard to get proper pictures without having all of the other diners next to you in the frame. Not sure how all of the pros have done it – perhaps they’ve all queued for the flower wall.

On the plus side, the food was absolutely delicious.

I ordered a cappuccino and a tomato and feta omelette.

And then after that, because, hey you’re in Elan Cafe so why not, I ordered a strawberry cake. It was pretty much the size of my face and it was coated in a delicious sweet cream with strawberries in the layers and in the icing.

I’m a big fan of cake and I have to say it’s one of the best i’ve had in a while. Just a note of warning, it will set you back £7.50. Yes that’s right. £7.50 for a piece of instagrammable cake. It was the same price as the omelette which came with a side salad!

We spent around an hour and a half at Elan Cafe chatting and gorging on food. There didn’t seem to be a time limit per table which was good – I know a lot of popular cafes in the capital are beginning to enforce this and it’s a bit annoying.

A lot of the people around me seemed to be ticking Elan Cafe off their bucket list too. I’m not sure it’s a place people return to when they’ve got it off their list.

When we left, we realised that we’d actually meant to go to the Elan Cafe a bit further down the road in Knightsbridge which is meant to be bigger and a little bit prettier.

Would I go to another? Perhaps. Would probably just get one thing – perhaps coffee and a cake instead of getting a two course meal. The cake was a meal in itself!

Elan Cafe has three locations in London. One on Park Lane, one in Knightsbridge and one on Brompton Road. 

4 responses to “ELAN Cafe London: Is it really worth the trip?”

  1. Jess says:

    ELAN looks lovely to visit once, but by the sounds of it, I don’t think I’d go back. What a shame it was cramped!

    The Crown Wings | UK Travel & Lifestyle Blog

  2. I’d love to visit but I reckon I’d end up feeling quite jaded by all the ‘gramming craziness, if its as bad as you say. That cake did look epic though!

    • Sophie says:

      Ha the cake was definitely delicious but yeah the instagramming was absolutely ridiculous. It was a little infuriating at times!

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