December 13, 2016

Enough. You don’t need to give up your job to travel.

This could be a blog post telling you to give up your nice job, your house and travel the world and be like me. But it’s not.

Because I am tired of them.

Because quitting your job to travel full time is not for everyone. For some people travelling full time is just not accessible.

I always have the motto that if you’re not enjoying where you are or what you are doing then do something about it. But it doesn’t have to be extreme. Pick up a new hobby. Move somewhere new – it could just be a few miles down the road.

It doesn’t have to be a mega trip around the world to prove to yourself that you’re ‘being free’ and ‘doing life.’ It doesn’t need to be endless amounts of instagram pictures in various locations.

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Doing life comes in various forms whether its meeting your friends for coffee down the road, taking a train half an hour out of the city or finding yourself hiking up Victoria Peak in Hong Kong. It’s just you having fun, making the most of your spare time and cash.

All of these blogs telling you that you don’t need to conform to the expectations of life, but what if you want to conform?

What if you want to have a nice house, good job and take several trips a year. There is nothing wrong with that and you should not be made to feel like it’s a bad thing. And you should not feel like you’re missing out because you’ve chosen city breaks instead of round the world travel.

I didn’t travel around the world full time. I took up a job in China and worked 40 hours a week while trying to explore the country. Sure, I didn’t do everything but for me it was important to settle down and feel at home while also trying to improve my employment prospects. I never felt the need to give up my job. And that is 100% okay.

Sure you could travel for the rest of your life and that would be awesome, but for me, whether you’re working at home or abroad, there is nothing better than settling down in the living room with family or a group of friends and feeling at home, well and the odd city break here and there.

3 responses to “Enough. You don’t need to give up your job to travel.”

  1. Aggy says:

    I couldn’t agree more Sophie. Yes, travelling full time may be the way for some people but it’s not for everyone. I used to think it was for me too, but now I realised it’s OK to want to settle down and take a few city trips every now and again. It doesn’t make us less of a traveller. Love the post!

  2. Hannah says:

    Sums up how I feel exactly! I desperately want to see the world, but also have my own home and live close to my family. This used to make me feel like I was missing out, but actually for me I’d be missing out if I didn’t stay true to what I really want! Thanks for sharing this. Nice to know others feel the same!

  3. Chichi says:

    I’d love to travel more – it’s one of my life goals – but I don’t want to travel full-time. It’s not for me.


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