December 19, 2016

Things you think about during your first Australian Christmas

It was a year ago to the day that I touched down in Australia to celebrate Christmas with my Australian side of the family.

Spending Christmas abroad is hard but when you’ve got your family with you, it is so much fun.

However it definitely took some time to get to grips with feeling festive in 40 degree heat.

Here’s a few things that went through my mind when celebrating Christmas in Australia.

It’s REALLY hot

I mean that’s obvious but seriously, we’re giving out Christmas cards with pictures of snowmen on while i’m sat in shorts and a tshirt.

I mean come on, the fact you have to put on factor 50 sunscreen on Christmas Day is a little odd.

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Mulled wine? Forget it. It’s about cold beer and lemon, lime and bitters

Well you’re hot aren’t you. The only way to cool down is by a cold refreshing drink from the Esky.

What’s a Yorkshire Pudding? 

Sorry. What? You don’t know what a Yorkshire Pudding is? Let me enlighten you. It’s….everything.

Let’s all go to the beach

Now putting on a swimsuit and heading out to the beach is a bit of an odd one for Christmas but totally for it. So much fun!

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Everyone is invited

Now this is what I found nice about Christmas in Australia, everyone is invited. The woman down the street, the friend from work, you’ll probably get around 4 or 5 invites.

Put a shrimp on the Barbie. 

Seafood has a place at an Australian Christmas.

Have you spent Christmas in Australia? Are you there now? Share your experiences. 

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