September 2, 2018

My favourite place in London

There’s a spot in London that’s probably my favourite in all of the capital.

It only appears twice a day and for the remainder, it’s completely missing. It’s a pot luck as to whether you see it or not and when you do, you could stay there forever.

London has a beach.

A beach I hear you say? Like one of those temporary ones in summer?

Nope. The beach is there come rain or shine.

It’s there when you want to sit and contemplate things or grab a beer and sit on the shore.

I found it during my first year of university when I went for one of my afternoon walks along the Thames Path close to St Paul’s Cathedral.

I walked across the millenium bridge and there it was, right next to Blackfriars station. At first it looks like you can’t get access to it but when you look closely, there’s actually a gate which you can unlock.

The view is absolutely amazing, from St Paul’s right ahead to Canary Wharf in the distance.

There are other mini beaches like this in Vauxhall but the one near Blackfriars is my favourite mainly because of the view of the city.

Some people like to head there and use a metal detector to see what they can find but anything you do find actually belongs to the Queen and it’s against the law to actually take them!

I didn’t realise until searching the internet the other day, that the¬†beach was actually used in the 1930s.

There are pictures of children building sandcastles and swimming in the water – although I don’t recommend that now!

There are pictures of toffee apple sellers and deck-chair men on the beach. It definitely looks different now and I don’t think you’ll be seeing anyone selling anything on it any time soon.

The best way to keep track on tide times is on the BBC’s tide times website.

If you’re looking for a day out then definitely step by the Tate Modern which is right behind the beach. Good cafe there too!

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