June 8, 2017

Why I love London

I’ve been asked why I love London so much and I only have one single answer.

It’s the best city in the world.

I’ve been visiting from as early as I can remember, i’ve seen the Queen whizz down the Mall, taken in the view from the London Eye and climbed the Millenium Dome.

That’s the thing with London, no day is the same.

I’ve booed the Boss and Paul McCartney being switched off in Hyde Park and blagged my way into a secret Green Day gig ,watched Tennis at Wimbledon and waved at Matt Damon attending the Baftas.

See. London is the place of opportunities.

A place where you can take your chances and grab them and run. From employment to friendship and exciting activities London has everything you’d ever need and more.

On Wednesday I walked through Kensington Gardens then onto Hyde Park when I saw a a man singing at Speaker’s Corner, surrounded by a large group of people. It turned out to be Rise Against. And standing there in the sun with people singing the same songs together was epic. And it was 100% London.

After it finished, I got on the tube went and met my friend Cyndi for a cider. Then together we went and had incredible Korean food.

See, this is London. The multicultural city. The city that is always bustling and full of things to do.

It’s the type of place you go to and make not just acquaintances but proper life long friends. The ones who as soon as the sun is out, call you up and you get down to the park straight away.

It’s the type of place where during a terror attack, people rally around each other, hand out teas and coffees and rush over to help people and not run away. The following morning, rather pissed off about the terrorist twats we get back on the tube and attempt to get back to some sort of normality.

If you haven’t noticed by now, I really love London.

Don’t just listen to me. There’s other people who feel just the same way and are rather fond of London too:

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  1. I couldn’t agree more with you! London is breathtaking and it has lots to offer!

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