August 23, 2018

Exploring East London

When I came back to London from China, I lived in Whitechapel, right in the heart of the east but I can’t really say that I fully took advantage of my flat’s location.

Instead I found myself stuck in my room completely snowed under with freelance work.

When Emily invited me to join her at Roomzzz for a staycation in the east of the city last weekend, we decided to make the most of our surroundings and explore the local area.

Well after a lazy Saturday making the most of our cosy hotel room that is!

We loved our stay with Roomzzz as our room had everything we needed. We felt like we didn’t really need to leave. It even had its own kitchen!

After our lazy Saturday and our handy grab and go breakfast, we had a busy Sunday exploring Stratford and Hackney.

First stop was Palm Vaults.

A slice of cake at Palm Vaults

It’s probably one of the most instagrammable cafes in East London (there are countless articles telling me this online) and you could tell that just by looking at the outside of the building.

Not just that, but everything about the store was picture perfect from the decoration inside to the food and drink on offer.

We purchased a slice of cake each, and I opted for a rose latte covered in glitter (yes glitter) and Emily had a colour changing lavender tea.

Perfect for a boomerang.

The cake was sourced from a local bakery from around the corner

The cafe is covered with plants from the ceilings to the walls

Spoiler: I almost choked on the glitter. So be aware on that for when you try to look cool for the camera.

Palm Vaults is covered with hanging plants and everything is pink.


Be sure to try the rose latte

Shopping and gorging on doughnuts

Well, when you’re in Stratford it’s a bit rude not to pop over to Westfield shopping centre. It’s my favourite of the two mainly because it’s got more affordable stores in it like Primark.

And the John Lewis cafe overlooks the Olympic village which is a nice touch.

Oh, and there’s a Doughnut Time.

I’ve become obsessed with any of the doughnuts from Doughnut Time but at the moment my favourite is the 99 flake one.

The Doughnut Time van is located on the walk outside the main shopping centre

Getting a new view of the area from Roof East

After stepping foot on Roof East I was a little bit annoyed that I hadn’t visited there before.

There were so many things to see and do from crazy golf to giant jenga, it seemed like a good way to spend a long summer’s day. And they had some cool cocktail bars there.

And some great art on the walls.

Roof East also has a cracking view of the Olympic Park.

And when the weather is good, they even have a rooftop cinema – they were showing Aladdin while we were staying in Stratford.

There’s some great artwork on the walls of Roof East

Exploring the Olympic Park

I genuinely can’t believe that the Olympics were so long ago. I still remember feeling the excitement of getting into the park and exploring.

Strangely, Emily and I remember going to the world’s largest McDonald’s there.

So it always feels nice to come back and reminisce.

Now, visitors can either ride the giant slide down the Orbit tower and in some cases even abseil (it’s absolutely terrifying).

It’s also quite nice to wander around as there’s a few canals and flower patches around.

And you can hire a bike and wander around there too.

After all that exploring, we were completely knackered. I ended up going straight home and putting my my pyjamas on.

Although my room didn’t seem as comfortable as the Roomzzz one we were in the night before!

Thanks to Emily, for letting me be your plus one and thanks to Roomzzz for having us. I would definitely recommend it if you’re coming to the capital with family or are coming down for work. 

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