August 4, 2018

What happened: July 2018

It’s safe to say that July has been an eventful month and I am quite honestly broke.

This girl is living off potatoes for pretty much the entirity of August. But hey, July was really fun.

So what did I get up to during this manic month?

I went to Wimbledon twice

You probably know from reading my blog by now that I am tennis mad. I realised that for most of the time the Championships were on, i’d be working i’d have to make the most of any spare time I had to try and go.

So on the opening Monday when I realised that I was going to be finishing work at 4.30, I thought it was perfect timing to try and see if I could see anything after work. And I did!

I managed to get in within an hour and when I was there, a woman sold me her Number 1 court ticket. It was like I hit the jackpot!

Then for my second trip I went with family on the second Monday. It was a lot harder this time and we were in by 2.30 I reckon. We did manage to catch some matches though including Djokovic on Number 1 court and I saw some of Del Potro on Number 2 court.

All in all, I name this a win.

I finally made it to Scotland at the grand old age of 27

It had to happen at some point. And it was quite frankly long overdue.

I started my weekend in Edinburgh, ended up in Dunfermline and finished it off in Glasgow. And I didn’t really take any pictures which is quite bad but also quite nice really!

What a fun 48 hours in Scotland! Awesome people and two amazing @thekillers shows. Although the King Tut’s one will always be the best! 300 people!

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It was good to catch up with people I hadn’t seen in a really long time, see The Killers twice in one day – one of which in a 300 person venue where the floor genuinely shook with everyone jumping around, and also finally just be in Scotland.

And to top it off, i’ll be back in November!

I finally learnt how to ride a bike at the grand old age of 27

I always felt a bit embarrassed when seeing the looks on people’s faces when I said I couldn’t ride a bike. Add that to the fact that I can’t drive and i’m practically an alien.

So I took up a free class with Camden Council and… the end of the lesson I was actually cycling by myself. Who knew!

Maybe I could still make the Tour de France.


I got stuck in Luxembourg and ended up in Brussels

Firstly, let me get this straight. I really like Luxembourg.

But for some reason every time I try and go there something gets cancelled. The first time I went The Killers cancelled and the second time Ryanair decided not to show up with their plane. They’re blaming the weather but the British Airways flight next to us went out so it can’t be that.

We were told at 1am in the morning that our flight was cancelled so after a night in an airport hotel, it was up to us to decide how on earth we were going to get home.

All flights out of Luxembourg were fully booked until the Sunday so we caught a train from Luxembourg – Liege – Brussels, wandered around and then caught a Brussels Airline flight from there. And after an epic day of travelling, we made it back to London. 

And I worked.

Girl gotta make money somehow.

What i’m reading

Adding this new thing in because this book appeared on the free book table at work and I haven’t put it down (apart to write this blog post of course).

It’s called The Last and it’s about people stuck in a hotel during a nuclear apocalypse and I am rather bizarrely enjoying it.

Didn’t think it would be my bag but now wondering what else can I read that is similar?!

Anyway, over and out until next month!

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