August 17, 2017

Visiting Mayfield Lavender Farm

If you haven’t guessed yet, it’s lavender season here in the UK.

Actually it’s nearing lavender season, but there’s still plenty of chances to get into a field of the smelly stuff here in the UK.

A couple of weeks ago, me and Emily from The Cosy Traveller headed down to Mayfield Lavender Farm on the outskirts of London to get some snaps, cake and a bundle of lavender to take home with us.

It’s become a yearly thing for us as we managed to make it to Hitchin lavender field last year.

Mayfield lavender farm

Sophie and lavender field

Sophie in the lavender field

Unfortunately as soon as we stepped foot on the premises it started to rain but it did make for some good moody pics of the skies.

It also made the smell really come out.

We braved it with our waterproofs on and got right into the middle of the field. We even met a dog owner who was posing for pics with her beloved pooch.

Mayfield lavender farm

The lavender farm

Grey skies over the lavender field

Getting into lavender fields brings out the photographer in you.

You can’t help but make many poses and jumping around because they’re just so pretty! Can’t say we’re going to make the model of the year awards though!

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When we were finished taking hundreds of photos, we headed over to the campervan where they were selling chocolate brownies, lavender cake and of course lavender tea. Well you can’t really get away from it.

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After plenty of wandering and eating, we decided to head home. Not without grabbing a bundle of lavender. And I have to say, I had the best night’s sleep i’ve had in ages.

Emily and the lavender


Getting to the Mayfield Lavender Fields is easy. We hopped on to the train from Victoria towards sutton and got off at the final stop. You can either get the bus or you can grab a taxi for the ten minute journey to the fields. We opted for a taxi as it was a little easier.

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