April 5, 2019

Visiting Bristol University’s Wills Memorial Building

I’m originally from Bristol but sometimes I feel like there’s places in my hometown that i’ve never seen before.

Sometimes I read travel pieces and add things from my hometown to the bucket list.

One of those is the Wills Memorial Building at Bristol University. It hosts a lot of public events and graduation ceremonies and has a fascinating history.

It’s also absolutely stunning inside and has a great view of Bristol at the top of the tower.

Tours take place weekly on Saturdays and on the first Wednesday of the month and I was lucky enough to be at home on one of those days.

Firstly, the tour took us into the Great Hall while playing the Harry Potter theme tune (of course) and we heard about past graduation ceremonies – Winston Churchill used to be the Chancellor!

You could also see the points on the floor where the hall was badly damaged during the Blitz in 1940.

When we’d seen the hall, it was time to climb the tower, all 68 metres.

The climbs was quite steep and the stairs were windy and narrow but it as worth it when we got to the top.

We had the perfect view of Cabot Tower,  Park Street, the Suspension Bridge and if you look really closely, the Second Servern Crossing which connects the West Country with Wales.

And we got to the top just in time to hear the giant bell Great George ring and feel it vibrate after. Here’s a clip of it ringing during the Diamond Jubilee so you can grasp how loud it is. In fact, it’s so loud, I can hear it from my house, around a twenty minute walk away.

Then when we’d said goodbye to Great George, we concluded the tour with a trip to the library inside the Wills Memorial Tower. I love a good library especially when they look as pretty as this one! I did feel a bit bad though for all of the students studying!

To find out more about the tour and the Wills Memorial building, click here

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