November 28, 2016

Things you think about during a long haul flight

Long haul flights

Long haul flights. They’re like marmite – you love them because you’re going on an amazing trip but omg when will it end?

I found myself pondering a lot during my flight from London to Adelaide and so i’ve put together a list of random things you think about during a long haul flight.

The world is really big
I know that’s a stupid thing to say but really it takes THAT long to reach Moscow and that long to reach Doha? No way.

I brought my laptop but….movies
You’ll bring your laptop onboard with you with the full intention of actually doing some work and then oh…the entire Star Wars saga? Yes please.

Do not try and wake me
I really don’t like being woken up for my food in the middle of the night. Emirates has stickers and this needs to be installed everywhere.

There are so many places left to visit
Tbilisi, Ulaanbaatar and Colombo. You fly over all of these places and you kind of just want the pilot to stop off on the way.  Cheers mate.

Australia to London? 
Bloody long way.

After 9 hours the entertainment systems are pretty boring. 
Unless you want to watch endless episodes of Futurama or something.

Don’t you dare put that seat back….
…..damn it.

Why am I too poor for business class? 
Maybe next time i’ll fly business. Wait now…..this flight was expensive enough!


2 responses to “Things you think about during a long haul flight”

  1. Raksha says:

    Hahaha so very true!

  2. So true, I can agree to all of this!

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