March 7, 2017

Things you’re usually asked in a Chinese taxi

Taking a taxi in China is always a bit of an adventure especially if you’re out in the sticks. If you can speak some mandarin it’s even more awkward and mildly enjoyable as the drivers like to interview you about your lives and of course talk some controversial politics.

Having lived in different cities in China, I can definitely say the drivers in Xi’an were the most inquisitive and wanted to chat even after the journey had eneded. So here’s the top topics you’ll encounter if you take a taxi in China. Here we go.

“Where are you from?”

Ah the simple where are you from question. Sometimes they like to guess. 90 percent of the time i’m apparently Russian.

“England. Beckham?”

Yes I am English. Glad we got that one cleared up. Yes I am aware of Beckham but we’re not great friends. We don’t send Christmas cards or anything.

“How old are you?”

Again they like to guess spectacularly wrong (I hope). I usually get 10 years older than I actually am which is mortifying and gets me looking up the top 5 anti ageing creams. Am I really that old??!! What am I doing with my life??!

“Do you have a boyfriend?”

Well that’s a bit personal but okay, no I don’t and I am winning at life thank you very much.

“So you must have a husband right?”

NO! I’m not old enough for that thank you?

“Well you should settle down. You are getting on a bit. 

Get me out of this taxi now. My life is over!

“You’re a foreigner you must like drinking”

Yes I occasionally do dabble.

“How much Baijiu (Chinese rice wine) can you drink?”

Makes up giant amount so this conversation can end.

“You foreigners are crazy!”

Thanks buddy.

As you can see if you fancy a talk to make you despair at life then a Chinese taxi is honestly one of those places. However chatting with taxi drivers is a great insight into their lives and Chinese culture and it’s a great way to practice your ropey Chinese. So despite me being a 34 year old Russian that will be forever alone and obviously has an alcohol problem, it’s always a fun experience to take a taxi in China.

“Happy Everyday in China!”

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  1. Haha, this was so entertaining, Sophie! You had an amazing experience!

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