January 30, 2017

Things that happened in JANUARY

I’m always one for an update post and as we’re nearing the end of January (please make the cold stop) it seems like it’s about time!

January for everyone is about making goals, resolutions and thinking about the rest of the year and i’ve certainly been doing that.

One in particular is getting out and doing stuff. Over the past couple of months i’ve become incredibly lazy and fond of heating and so one aim this year is to get out more. I think i’m doing well so far. Well we’ll see.

So here’s a list of things that have happened in January.

I met an astronaut

I ended up going home for the day in the middle of January as I had a ticket to see Chris Hadfield talk about his time in space. I’m a self confessed space nerd especially when it comes to the idea of putting humans in space so this was a dream.

It was even more of a dream when we were told that as we had bought premium tickets, we got to spend some time meeting Commander Hadfield before his talk.

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There’s another one ticked off the bucket list. It made me want to be an astronaut or at least a pilot – i’ve still got time for a career change!

The world dealt with Trump

I don’t want to make this blog super political but let’s face it, we’ve all had to watch what’s going on in the news in complete shock. I work in a newsroom and we have to watch it like a hawk.

Do I fear for the future? Of course. Do I laugh at some of the outrageous things going on? Of course.

A Spicer press conference might be my new favourite comedy show.

I came back from a trip to Copenhagen

I went for New Year and came back on New Year’s Day but that counts as January so here we are. I wasn’t so sure on Copenhagen, I had heard good things about it but it wasn’t my favourite European destination.

Although I may marry a cinamon swirl.

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I have done nothing but eat

Well that’s what January is for right? Eating lots of nice warm food while outside is freezing cold.

Plus it’s keeping with my aim of getting out of the house!

January has been the month for burritos, Danish bread and a lot of cake. And to top it off, the mini eggs are already in the shops. Enjoy guys. Enjoy.

Gym Gym Gym

I’m all for healthy living and have been trying to stick to this since I joined the gym last November but I have to say, i’ve really been embracing the gym life.

I got an i Watch for Christmas and am becoming obsessed with making sure I cover at least my 10,000 steps a day.

So what have you been up to? What has your January been like? 

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