May 24, 2018

The ups and downs of being a freelancer

Right, so you’re scrolling through Instagram and everyone appears to have quit “office life” and now either work from a beach or spend their day chilling in their pyjamas while working at home.

It looks glamorous. It looks amazing. It’s enough to make anyone throw down their phones, hand in their notice and walk straight out of that office.

But you know it’s not like that right?

It’s not all sipping cocktails on the beach! In fact it’s nothing like it.

You’ll spend half your life chasing people for money

Companies. Please pay your freelancers. Not just pay them, but pay them on bloody time. It’s all very well working from home but when people don’t pay you on time and you don’t have enough money to pay your rent, it’s a bit shit.

You’ll spend the other half of your life worrying if you’ve got enough work

It’s difficult with freelancing because some days you’ll have no work at all and then you’ll suddenly be bombarded with work and have a rather large panic about how much you’ve got going on. Sleep? No I don’t think so.

And then there’s the big debate in your brain about whether you can really go on holiday because you’d be missing out on the opportunity of work. You get hooked on the idea of getting work even if you’ve got too much.

Work. Constantly. On. The. Brain.

You won’t be able to switch off. Ever.

Sick pay. What sick pay? Go to work.

Holiday? What holiday?……I could go on forever.

Taxes suddenly become a problem

Nothing like having to work out what you can claim for and whether a cup of coffee counts. Also the fear of the giant bill at the end of the year.

But when things go well you genuinely feel invincible

Being your own boss is great and when things are going well, it’s good to sit back and take it all in. You’re doing it. You’re killing it. And you are awesome.

And along the road you meet other freelancers who are going through the same journey

These people are amazing. Keep them tight and never let them go. They are the ultimate friends, the ones who understand when you have to skip dinner because you’ve got an assignment due or when you’re so tired from staying up to finish a piece of work.

And the ability to ‘choose’ to take a day off is great

Want to beat the crowds to Wimbledon? Take a Tuesday off and work a Saturday instead. Got doctors and hospital appointments? Go any time and make the time up.

Freelancing is difficult. Freelancing is hard.

And it’s definitely not about sitting on a beach. It’s hard but there are positives to it too.

Anyone resonate with this?! 

2 responses to “The ups and downs of being a freelancer”

  1. Roma says:

    Finally! Someone speaking the truth! Quitting the office isn’t as freeing as people think it will be, there’s still bills to pay and work to do to get the money coming in. It’s not all Netflix and chill.

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