November 8, 2017

The ultimate Hong Kong guide

If there’s one city I miss living in more than anywhere else, it’s Hong Kong.

I remember being dazzled by the shimmering lights on Hong Kong island and the smells of the markets. I remember the white sandy beaches and hiking in the New Territories.

When I see it on TV, I get that pang in my chest of “omg I miss it so much”.

Well i’m going back. Just for 24 hours but i’m ready. So so ready to get up, out and about and eating everything.

I’m often asked about my tips for those visiting Hong Kong so I thought i’d put together the ULTIMATE list of things to do in the region.

Victoria Harbour Hong Kong

Here we go.

See the Symphony of the Lights. Some people say it’s cheesy, terrible and you can barely hear the music but there’s something very Hong Kong about standing and watching the glimmering lights. Go. Do it.

Catch the best views of the skyline from the Ritz. Just buy a drink. I mean they’re costly but the views alone are worth it.

Get the best local cakes in Sham Shui Po. If you’re looking for a really gritty market experience then Sham Shui Po is the one. There’s a bakery on the main street that does some great cakes.

See the pandas at Ocean ParkYes you can really see pandas in Hong Kong. Red ones and Giant ones!

Visit the waterfalls in the New Territories. There are some great hikes in Hong Kong and this is one of them.

Hong Kong street

Eat at Jumbo restaurant in Aberdeen. The food there is good and it looks so pretty at night! Make sure to get the Dim Sum.

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Walk up the Peak and take the tram down. There’s no need to take the tram both ways plus walking up is a good experience.

Main street in Hong Kong   Main street in HK

Take a trip to the Big Buddha. 

And when you’re on your way back make sure to visit Tai O village. If you’re lucky enough – it took me two attempts – you may see some pink dolphins!

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Get your fortune told at the night market. 

Go to a ladies night and make friends. 

See how Mr Wong is doing and eat an insane amount of food at his restaurant. 

Grab some seafood on Lamma Island. 

Eat at Michelin starred Tim Ho Wan. The Barbecue Pork buns are an absolute dream.


Purchase lots of bargain goods at the Ladies Market. 

Ride the Star Ferry across the harbour. Best 20p ever.

10,000 Buddha’s Monastery

Go gambling in Macau for the day. And eats lots of egg tarts.

Hong Kong is one of those places where there’s always something to do and not enough time so don’t feel bad if you don’t get around to everything during your next trip.

Did I miss anything? Let me know! 

2 responses to “The ultimate Hong Kong guide”

  1. I’m with you – absolutely LOVE Hong Kong! It was my first ‘Asia’ experience and will always have a place in my heart. One of my fave things in the world is to ride the star ferry. Ah man, I want to go back now! x

    • Sophie says:

      Thanks Keri! I know exactly what you mean! I love the Star Ferry because the views around it are just so beautiful! x

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