May 3, 2019

The best dessert places in London

I’ve become a little obsessed about London’s crazy dessert places.

London seems to go through crazes. First it started with doughnuts and then it went to ice cream and now…. well i’m not too sure!

Every corner of the capital seems to have some quirky dessert that you need to try, so after much testing, i’ve put together a guide of the best places to grab a sweet treat.

Warning: This may make you want to eat cake or ice cream.

Milk Train

They’ve just opened a larger store in Covent Garden and the decor inside makes it one of the most instagrammable places in London.

Aside from the decor, the food is also incredibly photogenic.

During my trip, I opted for a unicorn themed ice cream and was given the option of adding candy floss on the outside.

So did I go for it? Of course I did!

Doughnut Time

I became obsessed with this chain when a few doughnuts were sent to work for us to try. If you thought a doughnut was just a doughnut, then you clearly haven’t been to Doughnut Time.

It’s fun, the doughnuts themselves are huge and every week there’s a new doughnut to try!

Some of my favourites have been the Chinese New Year special which came with a fortune cookie on top and a Maltesers rabbit one which was absolutely delicious.

They’re so big I always tell myself that i’ll keep half for later – but that never happens!


Everyone has been going crazy for this dessert place just one street away from Oxford Street.

When you order an ice cream, you can choose between a cookie, doughnut or baklava base with ice cream on top and then of course another topping. Or more if you want!

Dyce dessert

I thought it was pretty tasty but the customer service was rather lacking so don’t go there for the service.

The shop itself is stunning though – very instagrammable!


Bubblewaffle, located in Chinatown, started out as someone’s business project in university and grew and grew. There’s usually a giant queue outside but waiting is worth it.

You won’t need dinner after either as it’s a proper feast!

I opted for a waffle with strawberries, Oreos and chocolate sauce. Absolutely delicious!

Knot Churros

I found out about this dessert place from Secret London.

Knot Churros opened up earlier this year and it is the cutest little restaurant. Make sure to go at an off peak time though as it’s a rather small place and it gets busy very quickly.

The best thing to order is the churros and ice cream with candy floss on top. The toppings change every now and then, but they are always sparkly and pretty. My toppings had a mermaid theme and it was absolutely delicious.

I forgot how much I love churros!

Elan Cafe

Elan Cafe has several locations in London and is popular with the Instagram folk.

When I visited, I made sure to try a slice of the strawberry cake and it was the best i’d had in a while. Despite its size it still felt so light.

The cakes are so huge you could probably share them! Just a note of warning, it’s not the cheapest cafe in the capital but definitely worth going for a treat.


Taiyakia dessert London

I found this place after seeing a picture on Instagram of an amazing mermaid ice cream.

Needless to say it was absolutely delicious. I’ve been back since and had a unicorn ice cream too – it was almost too pretty to eat!

It’s on dessert alley in Chinatown which means you can continue snacking on sweet treats after!

Did I miss any London desserts? Send me your recommendations! 

4 responses to “The best dessert places in London”

  1. Tajinder says:

    I can admit I have a big sweet tooth, I love visiting dessert parlours. Milk Train is definitely on my list, especially as so many have visited and given rave reviews. I love Elan Cafe, although it can be pricey, I adore their hot chocolate. I would add Dominique Ansel Bakery solely for their cronuts, a croissant-doughnut hybrid with a filling that changes every month. Great post dear, a great selection of places!

    Tx. // Tajinder Kaur

    • Sophie says:

      ooh I need to have then hot chocolate then! I’m more of a coffee person but if the hot chocolate is good then I definitely need to try it!

  2. Not much of a foodie but these desserts look so deliciously mouth-watering! I’m just a little worried that the food presentation might be deceiving compared to the actual taste.

    • Sophie says:

      You have a point there – sometimes food like this looks much nicer than they actually taste but I promise you they’re all delicious!

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