August 19, 2019

A summer’s day in Whitstable

I only work four days a week so i’ve been trying to make a deal with myself to try and see more things in and around London on my days off.

Can’t say that i’ve been great at it. I went to Greenwich a few weeks ago and that was about it really.

So when Emily from The Cosy Traveller suggested we make the most of a deal with Southeastern and head to Whitstable, I jumped at the chance.

Whitstable Harbour

Whitstable is an hour and 20 minutes away from London. And it gives you the chance to try out the Javelin train which is super speedy.

It’s also close to other places such as Margate and Dover. Both places are also on my bucket list.

So what did we get up to in Whitstable and what is there to see and do?

Whitstable Harbour and beach

The best place to head to after getting off the train is Whitstable Harbour. It’s a walking distance from the train station to the harbour.

Of course the day we went it was very grey and rainy but there is nothing better than getting a bit of fresh air. And I absolutely love the smell of the seaside. Even if it does make me feel knackered by the end of the day.

Whitstable Harbour

The Harbour has a fantastic mini market filled with wooden huts selling beautiful prints and trinkets. There were quite a few prints that I wanted to buy for my new place!

Whitstable beach itself is a pebble beach. Had it been a bit sunnier, we definitely would have spent the morning there sat on the pebbles. We spent some time though on a jetty looking out and enjoying the view.


Whitstable town centre

If Whitstable sounds familiar, it’s probably because you’ve seen lots of photos of shop fronts on Instagram. It seems to be the trendy place to visit at the moment just to see the pink oyster bar (more on that later).

The town centre is full of great shops. I particularly liked The Whiting Post which was crammed full of patterned dresses, amazing kitsch jewellery and colourful cutlery.

And Emily picked up an amazing vintage bag from Anchors Aweigh Vintage.

It’s nice to see a high street that has such great independent shops. I think a lot of high streets are missing that these days.

We also stopped by some of the ‘Instagrammable’ spots in Whitstable. Sundae Sundae looked beautiful and the Oyster bar really is that pink – the only problem is that there was a car parked right in front of it so we couldn’t get the best picture.


Once we were done wandering and trying not to spend too much money we went for lunch at Elliott’s. I couldn’t resist getting myself some fish and chips (well we were by the sea!) and Emily had a delicious looking cauliflower steak.

Beach huts

We then decided to walk back along the harbour and past the castle to try and find some of the colourful beach huts we had seen online.

And we found them!

Some of them had such cool designs. There was an amazing multi-coloured one (below) that was incredibly eye-catching. And there were some cracking rainbow decorated ones too.

The beach fronts might be my favourite part of Whitstable mainly because I can 100% see myself being freelance and working from one even in winter! Imagine adding some fairy lights to it and bringing a flask of coffee.

The absolute dream.

Even on a grey day, the owners of the beach huts seemed to be making the most of their huts, cooking snacks and sitting on their porch, wrapped in blankets.

So would I go back?

I really enjoyed my day trip to Whitstable. Sure, if the weather was good I can definitely imagine myself spending a day or even two relaxing by the sea.

Sometimes the British weather can be a right pain.

I can definitely imagine coming here with friends and renting out an apartment near the beach. And i’d really like to come back and try stand-up paddleboarding. They had an hour’s hire for £15 which really didn’t seem that bad.

How do you get there?

I caught the train from King’s Cross St Pancras direct to Whitstable. The trains are fairly frequent and we managed to get a £20 return deal.

It’s also fairly close to Herne Bay if you fancied bringing your bike along too.

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