October 25, 2017

Why you should spend Christmas in Paris

Christmas is always one of those times that is hyped up by all of the adverts on television. We’ve all got to spend oodles of cash on presents, spend days preparing for Christmas dinner and circle all of the things in the tv guide that you’d like to watch.

But what if it was different? What if you used the Christmas holiday to travel and spend time with family that way?

Last year for our Christmas, my mum and I decided to try something new. We bought a flight to Paris and booked into the new Renaissance hotel next to the Louvre. And man was it a great idea.

I mean the saying always tells us Paris is a good idea. But it’s an even better idea at Christmas.

We travelled out on Christmas Eve and came back on the 27th December.

Everything you need is open

Paris doesn’t seem to shut down when it comes to Christmas.

We spent Christmas Eve wandering around the stores and seeing the Christmas displays in shops such as Pritempts which is also home to the best view of the Eiffel Tower in Paris.

And then on Christmas Day, the Eiffel Tower itself was open along with a lot of food stores.

Although when it comes to public transport most things were closed so it’s a good idea to stay fairly central. We ended up just walking around Paris on Christmas Day and then stopping in various places for coffee to warm up. I think we must have walked around 15 miles by the end of the day!

The Christmas lights are beautiful

I mean Christmas lights everywhere are beautiful but in Paris they’re an extra treat.

The lights on the Champs Elysees go as far as the eye can see and make for a perfect photo opportunity.

Look out for the big fashion stores as they always have amazing displays. Dior’s store last year looked amazing.

Christmas at Disneyland Paris

I mean that sells it for itself really doesn’t it.

Nothing beats Disney.

We ended up going on Boxing Day and we disappeared into the world of Christmas at Disney for the day. We had no way of telling the time, checking the news, time stood still. And isn’t that was Christmas is about?

Also the Christmas parade is amazing and *spoiler* they make it snow.

If these haven’t made you want to go to Paris for Christmas then I really don’t know what will.

Disney, sparkly lights, croissants for breakfast and walks during the day. I mean come on!

Have you ever spent Christmas abroad? 

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