July 24, 2019

Never regret travelling slow

I was flicking through Instagram the other night as you do and Helene in Between posted about not regretting seeing everything during her time spent living abroad.

It made me think about my times spent abroad and how glad I am that I didn’t try and see everything.

Nowadays with the influence of social media, it’s easy to want to do everything and see everything. But it really doesn’t have to be like that.

Slow living in Hong Kong

When I studied abroad in Hong Kong, people I know would be away every weekend in some exotic Asian location – Singapore, Bali, Thailand. I remember at times feeling a little jealous and in some cases guilty abut not seeing the rest of Asia when it was right on my doorstep.

But when I think about my choice to ‘live slow’ in Hong Kong, I remember that while these people were on airplanes and in airports, my friends and I were exploring a beautiful city and tasting all of the foods in every single district. We were exploring islands and making local friends.

When it came to living in China some three years later, it was the same. There’s so much of China and actually Asia as a whole that I haven’t seen but I don’t regret not doing it. I do on the other hand, add it to my list of places to see next.

Applying the ‘slow’ approach to short breaks

When I think about it, I tend to apply this approach to travelling in general.

Some people make a list of all the things they want to see during their trip but i’m more than happy to see a few things and just see where I end up.

If I spend a couple of hours in a cool coffee shop then fine. I’ve got no problem with it. The joy in travelling is as much about relaxing as it is about seeing things and the need to see everything.

Sure, I never got around to doing everything in Berlin but the last time I went I spent a cracking afternoon in the park with a friend drinking beers. In fact that’s one of my favourite memories of that trip.

You can’t do everything

So what i’m trying to say is exactly this. You can’t do everything. So why stress yourself out by doing so. You’re going to remember the things you saw and the amazing relaxing moments way more than spending half your time on transport getting somewhere.

So here’s to slow travel and all of the relaxing and fun that comes with it!

2 responses to “Never regret travelling slow”

  1. Jess says:

    I used to feel a bit embarrassed of slow travel, especially with everyone busy ticking off country after country. Now that I’m older, I’ve realised there’s a lot more in having quality travel than quantity.

    The Crown Wings | UK Travel & Lifestyle Blog

  2. Sophie says:

    Thanks for reading Jess. You’re so right, travelling slow definitely means you have more quality travel. xx

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