October 20, 2019

Visiting a pumpkin patch in London

Halloween is fast approaching and what is more Halloween-ey than a pumpkin?

So on Sunday I decided to get into the Halloween spirit and went along to a pumpkin patch in south London with Emily from The Cosy Traveller .

Pumpkin patches are a relatively new thing in the UK. They’re more of an American tradition – so many of my US friends post pictures of themselves in fields crammed with pumpkins every year!

But i’m glad it’s catching on here because it’s a really good day out!

Sophie at Wimbledon pumpkin patch

While there are lots of big pumpkin fields on the outskirts of London, there are a few right in the capital. We decided to go to the one in Wimbledon because it was the easiest one for us to get to.

We went on the second day of it opening which meant that it was quite busy but there was a big selection of pumpkins (I didn’t realise how many there are!).

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There were also hay bales too for those who need to relax after spending a while walking around.

They also had a little house in the middle made of pumpkins and I loved all of the wheelbarrows available.

Basically the pumpkin patch made us into big kids again for a few hours and it was wonderful.

Sometimes in London it’s very easy to stay indoors and hide from the big city, but it’s quirky things like this that I absolutely love – I got some fresh air and only spent £2.5o in the process, which actually for London is a big bargain.

So would I recommend the Wimbledon pumpkin patch? Of course! You get good pictures, have a lot of fun and support local businesses.

The pumpkin patch is open until Halloween – for the opening times, it’s best to visit the website here.

I found the pumpkin patch’s Facebook page very helpful too when it came to advice on when to go and what was available.

Sophie and Emily in London pumpkin patch

Have you been to a pumpkin patch or would you recommend one near to London? Any Halloween advice for London? 

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