September 10, 2017

Analysing my travel habits – the good and the bad

Sometimes I feel a bit confused when it comes to talking about my travel habits. I’m the type of person that likes a range of different holidays from budget hostel breaks to spa hotels.

When I lived in China I solely travelled in hostels – mainly because it was a good way of meeting people and we all tended to travel in big groups.

But now when I think about city breaks like my last trip to Belgium, I like to invest in where I am staying, mainly using a chain.

So when Barcelo hotels asked me to take a look at my travel habits I found it rather interesting.

Here is what I found out about myself:

I always have a quick look on Trip Advisor

Every time I plan a getaway, I have to read the reviews on Trip Advisor on the hotels I have been researching. If they are bad then I won’t touch it with a barge pole but if they’re amazing then i’ll probably book straight away.

But what if opinions are mixed? Well if someone has an issue and the hotel comments on the review with how they have rectified this, i’m more likely to be okay with booking a hotel that has had a mixed review.

I’m definitely not the person to rush in and book something without thinking about it.

I’m a big fan of the short break

Maybe it’s because I like to spread my money evenly, but I prefer taking lots of mini city breaks over the year than waiting around for one big trip.

I also seem to be increasingly opting to travel to places that aren’t too far away and flying so that I have more time in the location I am visiting.

If I book one big trip and then wait all year for the next one then I spend most of my time wasting my year counting down the days.

This year hasn’t been very active in terms of holidays due to living in London but I have managed to make it to Brussels, Copenhagen and Amsterdam (thank you budget airlines of Europe).

I’m also definitely becoming a UK city break person too which is great. I feel that I don’t see enough of my own country!

Airbnb? No thanks

I’ve done them before and as great as they are, I can’t help but miss the joy of staying in a hotel that has restaurants, shops and a gym. I also find having staff in a hotel really useful as they can give you up to date info on how to get to places and closures etc. The same goes for hostels. If I stay at a hostel, it’s usually because the location is great and the staff are known to be friendly.

The last time I stayed in an Airbnb I also stayed with the host which made me feel a bit uncomfortable as I wanted to come and go as I pleased whereas I had to be cautious about what time I came back at night etc.

As with most people, money is the important deciding factor with booking a break

Well I think that applies to most of us right?

I mean sure, if I won the lottery tomorrow, i’d pop to Heathrow, put my name on standby and go to some random place I would never have gone to. Possibly the Solomon Islands or the Pitcairns, ooooh or maybe Zanzibar.

But without the lottery win, my choice of destination always depends on the cost. I haven’t yet been to Italy because I know it is more costly than other places in Europe. And with Eurostar doing £50 return to Paris or Amsterdam, i’m more than likely to do that than anything else.

I’m really bad at not spending money when I get there

Afternoon tea? Make-up from Sephora? I want it all. But it’s only when I get home that I realise that my cheap weekend break might have cost me more than I thought. I’m looking at you Heathrow Terminal 5 Duty Free.

I like a bit of nightlife in the place i’m heading to

For me, there’s got to be a range of things to do in the place I am visiting both day and night. That’s why I loved travelling to Amsterdam as there is always something to do and Paris is exactly the same. As much as I like doing nothing while on holiday, there is always a chance that I might get bored of….doing nothing.

Barcelo Hotel’s findings on our travel habits

  • 25-35 year olds are more likely thank older generations to use review sites and social media to research their holiday.
  • 25-35 year olds are more likely to book online than older age groups.
  • Women are more likely than men to spend over £1000 on their holiday.
  • Women consider online reviews more important than men
  • The majority of people enjoy one main holiday and the occasional short break across all regions.
  • Most people in the UK go on holiday for 5-7 days a year

Now i’ve taken a look at my travel habits, it’s time for you to take a look at yours! Let me know in the comments below. You can take a look at Barcelo Hotels’ findings here

As always, all views and opinions are my own. 

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