April 28, 2018

My top ‘instagrammable’ spots in London

Loads of people at the moment are whining about the amount of florals they are seeing on their Instagram feeds.

Yes everyone seems to be out and about in London at the moment trying to get the best Instagram friendly #content.

Is it a bad thing? I for one am not ashamed about having a ‘basic’ Instagram feed. If that’s what I like posting then I am going to post it! Instagram is my little corner of the internet.

I always think that London looks so pretty when it’s decorated in florals, in some ways I think there should be more florals in the capital!

So here are my favourite London Instagram spots – some of them are very close to each other so you can walk.

Peggy Porschen

It’s the one, the ultimate, Instagram location in London. I actually went past there again the other day with The Cosy Traveller and the queues to have a pot of tea and a cupcake there were insane.

There was also a police car however I don’t think it was Instagram related.

The Cosy Traveller and I spent a really long time getting these shots!

Luckily the day we went there, it wasn’t so bad. I don’t know what it is about Peggy Porschen but it just kind of sucks you in.

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Within minutes we were posing, getting on our knees and arranging the cups of tea and cakes to get the perfect picture.

And yes the cake was delicious.

The multi-coloured houses on King’s Road, Chelsea

Last year photos of these houses were everywhere. It’s a hit in every season from the moment summer hits to the time snowflakes fall.

I mean look. It’s so pretty.

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On a Saturday you’ll find lots of fashion bloggers posing outside the houses for their outfit shoots. I’ve always wondered what the residents think! Writing an article on it is definitely on my list.

Covent Garden

The florals change every year and are definitely worth a visit

The lads at Covent Garden have cottoned on to the fact that florals sell.

They really do.

For the second year running, they’ve installed floral designs, seats and swings around the markets meaning that you can shop AND fill your photography boots.


Sketch in London

If you’re looking to visit Sketch then make sure you book ahead as there is an uber long waiting list

Not only do you get to take as many photos as you want for this one, you also get to fill your face with sandwiches, cake and champagne.

The pink decor and cute plate sets means that Sketch is a great place to snap some food pics. The dark lighting makes it a little difficult though.

The food is absolutely delicious and you even get to be fancy by sampling a bit of caviar! We also had champagne – oooh fancy!

Dominique Ansel Bakery

Dominique Ansel bakery, instagram London

Just down the street from Peggy Porschen, is Dominique Ansel Bakery.

And I feel like you kind of get more bang for your buck there.

First of all, there’s more room so everyone can fit in without having to queue. And secondly the cakes are a lot bigger!

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And a lot cuter too! How sweet is this snowman cake?

Kensington’s wisteria houses

Every April, houses across London are coated in the beautiful wisteria flower.

But the best ones have to be in Kensington.

There’s Kynance Mews which might be the most popular mews in the capital and this beautiful house around the corner from High Street Kensington station.

Wisteria house in London

London Eye

I’d never really thought about the London Eye being an Instagrammable spot until I saw people posing for photos across the river from it.

It’s so much better than trying to take a photo next to it.

My advice for taking a good pic is to try and go on a weekday as the weekends are a lot busier and you’ll be jostling for space.

Have I missed out any hidden gems?

I’m on a quest this summer to find the most photogenic spots in London so let me know if you think i’ve missed a good one! 

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