May 29, 2017

My favourite ‘odd tourist’ experiences in London

I’ve lived in London on and off for around four and a half years now and although I like to think i’ve been to all of the tourist spots, I haven’t really.

It’s always interesting to see what sites people visit when they come to the capital – Buckingham Palace, Westminster Abbey and even Harry Potter World. But during a trip to London you can’t see it all. There’s just not enough time in the day to do all of the amazing things London has to offer.

So i’ve decided to put together a list of my three favourite odd tourist experiences in London during my time living here.

Climbing the 02 arena

Perhaps not good for those who like heights, the 02 arena is definitely an odd tourist experience in London.

It is actually a big climb. They say the gradient is around 30 degrees but at some points it definitely feels like more than that.

02 arena climb

When you reach the top you can see Canary Wharf and also the planes taking off from City Airport.

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Of course, you can get better views from other places but I like the experience of climbing the 02 arena.

Taking a speedboat ride down the Thames

This might be the most fun i’ve had on a boat ride ever.

Me and my mum took a trip down the Thames on one of the RIB Experience boats. It’s one of those things that i’d been meaning to do for ages.

Thames speedboat LondonWe started out going down the river, past the Houses of Parliament before then turning around and going past the London Eye.

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They even put on the James Bond theme as we went past MI5. And then once we passed Tower Bridge it was full speed ahead.

At time it was terrifying especially when we went around in circles and it felt like we were tipping over but it was so much fun. I wish I could have filmed it.

Going down the slide in Stratford

London Stratford slideGoing to the Olympic Park can be a bit underwhelming but a ride on the slide definitely makes it more fun.

Not only can you get a different view of the London skyline (think Gherkin, Shard etc) but you can ride the longest slide in the world.

I went there last year and tried it out when it opened to the public and it was absolutely terrifying. It twist and turns and is completely dark in one section.

Everyone who seemed to go down the slide screamed the first ten seconds in.

But after getting to the bottom I just wanted to do it all over again.

I’ve been posting photos of my favourite experiences in London on Instagram. Follow my adventures there! 

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