April 4, 2020

Life in the time of Coronavirus

It seems like years ago that I was at work writing about this mystery coronavirus in China.

I even remember writing a piece about what people in China were doing in quarantine – I just never thought I too would be live streaming workouts to my home just to get any sort of exercise for the day.

Life right now is weird.

I wondered whether to even blog about it but when the whole world isn’t travelling or visiting cool cafes etc in London – you may as well write about what you know and what is going on right now in your life.

Plus I did tell myself I would do more posts like this in 2020. So here we go.

Spending my birthday indoors

I remember speaking to my pal Emily about what I was thinking of doing for my birthday. I quite liked the idea of doing Bingo or something with a group of friends.

A week later and we were told to avoid going out in big groups.

And then on my birthday…. Boris Johnson addressed the nation enforcing a lockdown. But my housemates did their best to make it lovely with balloons, a birthday crown and cake! And then we ordered pizza for dinner which was kind of a dream. So yes, it wasn’t what I planned but it was nice.


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I think the thing that bummed me out the most about it, was that I was meant to see my mum either on my birthday or the day after and because we live in different cities, we still haven’t able to see each other. 🙁

We have though planned some kind of epic second birthday because believe me, there will be a second birthday. No coronavirus is taking that away from me!

Finding new ways of getting exercise

I absolutely love going to the gym. It makes me happy and keeps my mental health in check and I miss it so much. When I found out my gym was closing, I made sure to book a class on the last day just to fit it in – reformer pilates.

And now I’ve resorted to walking as my exercise which feels so strange. I occasionally break out into a jog but I hate running and it’s terrible for my joints. I’m a bit concerned though as I noticed that more and more people are coming to the park the sunnier it gets so i’m hoping it isn’t closed soon. I’d be so mad!

Luckily the gym I go to has put on online classes so this morning I did a nice 30 minute stretch class which definitely helps after a week of sitting at my desk on a bit of a rubbish chair!

Hitting the jackpot in Harrods

Before I say anything – this was during an essential medical appointment, I didn’t just go for shits and giggles (stay inside boys and girls – this coronavirus is serious).

I was in Knightsbridge and I saw someone carrying around a Harrods bag and I thought “no, it couldn’t possibly be open.” Well, the food hall and pharmacy was. I made a mental note and after my appointment and returned. Well reader, it was incredible.

The security guard said to me “welcome to the party” as I walked in. And it was a party. Everything was 50% off! I bought a quiche for £2! Amazing sourdough, a pie, fresh fruit, chocolate, coffee, all for super cheap. I couldn’t stop laughing at how cheap it was and the amount of stuff I managed to get. Amazing!

Wearing a coronavirus mask on an empty bus

And then I got the bus back home and there was no one on it!

Being bothered to actually do stuff

I don’t know about you but when this all started, I thought, hey perhaps i’ll learn a bit more Chinese or take up a hobby.

So far, I have watched an entire season of Derry Girls and that’s about it really, apart from staring at my phone of course.

I have a feeling when this is over I still will have a big list of things to do.

Cancelling upcoming events

I had a few things planned this summer and I am basically waiting for them to be cancelled. I took a day off around Wimbledon so that I could go and queue – that’s already been cancelled.

Easter is cancelled which is rubbish as I was going to go home and spend time with family.

I also had plans to see The Killers in Scotland and also in Bristol. That hasn’t been cancelled yet but I would put a lot of money on it not happening. Bristol has already cancelled public events until July so I’m just waiting to hear if the tour is being rescheduled or whether we are being refunded.

THEN I had tickets to a Belgian festival where Paul McCartney was playing and The Killers were supporting them! That isn’t cancelled yet and is at the end of June so I’m holding out hope although at this rate, it’s not looking very likely. Fingers crossed though because the line up is insane.

And I have flights and a hotel booked to Las Vegas in November. I’m putting a lot of faith in the fact it’s quite a while away.

But one thing I would say is that yes things are being cancelled and yes it is a bit rubbish but it’s nothing compared to what’s going on around the world right now. People are losing loved ones to coronavirus. Medical workers are toughing it out trying to save as many people as they can right now. People have lost jobs and are struggling to survive on the money they have.

Things being cancelled or having to stay inside right now is nothing compared to what some of these people are going through. So be positive, this will all be over soon.

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  1. Emily says:

    I’m still jealous of your Harrod’s food haul. X

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