June 27, 2017

Things I wish I knew when I graduated from university

Once the papers are in and the tests are done, university is over.

You did it, you graduated! You’re awesome. The world is your oyster!

Of course, just getting to this point was hard enough and so you’ve got many reasons to sit back and enjoy the feeling of actually being a graduate, getting your certificate and wearing the amazing robe and hat while pretending you’re in Harry Potter.

But of course, after that the long slog begins. What next? Employment? Travel? Further education?

It’s a tense time and makes you feel a bit shitty.

Just because you’ve graduated doesn’t mean you’re entitled to a job

Yes lads. Sorry.

You’re about to join the back of the queue for jobs and unfortunately they don’t appear as quickly as you’d like to think. Especially journalism jobs.

Freelancing is a thing. You should do it

So you’re struggling to find a job? Try doing odd jobs in your chosen career to try and get some extra cash and keep you occupied. Perhaps intern for someone (but don’t let them screw you over).

Yes it’s going to be hard to try and get in there at first, but getting some extra experience will also help add to your CV. Who knows, maybe you’ll enjoy freelancing.

Watching episodes of Jeremy Kyle is fine as long as you also do productive things with your day

I’m sorry. No one can resist a bit of Jeremy Kyle. I’m pretty sure I saw some people from high school on there once.

But it’s when you tune over to ITVBe and watch the other episodes and then stay on for Housewives of New York that you’ve got a problem. Take walks in the park, go to the gym or just do something like sit and write. Anything to keep productive otherwise it’s easy to fall into a habit of sitting in front of the telly all day. Believe me I know. The Kardashians once stole my life.

Stop worrying. So, you haven’t got your dream job but things get better

You’re not going to fall into things easily. When you land your first job after uni, you’re not going to be there forever. It’s okay to feel scared, complacent and just generally a bit p*ssed off. But you’re at the start of your career and this is the beginning. It’s exciting!

There are other ways of getting into your chosen career than filling out forms

It can be daunting and let’s face it, freaking depressing filling out these job application forms and getting nowhere. There is so much competition. Why not spend some time learning a new skill and growing up a bit. Learning a new skill can be good and give you an advantage on your CV and help you decide what kind of career you’re looking for in the future.

So yes it’s hard to get to grips to life post graduation but by remembering these points, you can get through it a bit easier. Any questions about getting into journalism or life post graduation?

Feel free to send them my way!

One response to “Things I wish I knew when I graduated from university”

  1. Chichi says:

    I agree! A degree doesn’t guarantee a job. I decided to go freelance because I always wanted to be my own boss, I got so sick and tired of filling in application forms and I was screwed over in my first job after graduation. I realised that freelancing was the best way for me to create my dream job.


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