December 11, 2018

Learning how to make a good travel video with Three

I’ve never been that great with making videos – it was definitely my least favourite thing when it came to journalism school. 

But i’m absolutely fascinated with great travel videos on Youtube. So when Three mobile offered to show me how to make good travel videos using your mobile phone, I was definitely up for it. 

I joined some other bloggers and Travizeo in Dinarama in Shoreditch and we set out with Huawei P20 phones to try and capture some footage. 

While we were there, Greg taught us what to look for when getting footage for travel videos

Tell a story

It’s all very good making a travel video but you need to have a think about what you want to show. And you definitely need a plan before you start filming. 

Do you want to show off the city lights of Hong Kong or do you want to take a look at a specific place? 

And when shooting a specific place, what story are you going to tell? So when we went out filming at Dinerama, we decided to try and tell the story of ordering some food. 

Get a range of footage from different angles

Make sure that you don’t just work on one level. 

Get up close, kneel down, basically try and make your video interesting. 

And definitely think about purchasing equipment that will stop the camera from shaking etc. We used a gimble to get our footage. 

And don’t forget to record some transition shots to make your videos look even more professional. 

Use people

You need a range of shots to keep your video interesting and definitely having a person in it will do that.

If you’re doing a story on a food market then get shots of the person eating the food. Or if you’re hiking get some pics of people walking away from the camera etc – there are so many possibilities. 

Don’t worry about what equipment you have – try and make the most of it 

You can make amazing content from your phone.

You don’t need an SLR. 

When editing, think about music

Music is incredibly powerful so when cutting and editing your footage, try and think about how to use music for added dramatic effect. 

Adobe Premier is KING

I always thought that iMovie would suffice but after getting a lesson in Adobe Premier from Greg, I don’t think I can go back. 

Yes it’s difficult, but omg it makes videos look so classy! Just be prepared to spend a lot of time working on minutes long videos. 

Make sure you don’t rush the process – you don’t want to look at a video and think you could have done it better by spending more time on it. 

After the tutorial from Greg, I went home and spent DAYS working through some footage from my trip to Hong Kong. 

Although there’s still lots to work on, i’m pretty proud of the result. 

A stopover in Hong Kong from Sophie Williams on Vimeo.

I can’t say i’m going to be much of a Youtuber any time soon but I definitely feel more confident creating videos. 

Now I just need to get around to looking at hours of footage from my time in Australia! 

Are you a video pro? Or do you have any other tips you think you could add? Let me know!

4 responses to “Learning how to make a good travel video with Three”

  1. Jess says:

    I really want to get into making videos this year so these tips have really helped me!

    The Crown Wings | UK Travel & Lifestyle Blog

  2. Jax Blunt says:

    Great piece, you really have taken all the tips on board.

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