July 7, 2017

June: Things that happened

I don’t know about you but given the events in London and Manchester over the past couple of months, the world has seemed incredibly dark.

I think we’re all beginning to realise that it’s okay to feel sad when these things happen but it’s important as always to look for the good in things.

I haven’t necessarily blogged in a while because things if i’m honest have been a bit much from events at work (the joys of working in a newsroom during breaking news) to generic loss of interest in blogging. Sometimes its hard to feel that you’re making a mark when the blogging world is so saturated.

But i’ve spent my time out reading other blogs and feeling inspired about where I want my content to go. I’m more focused on staying true to me than getting the stats.

So I thought i’d do a little catch up with the good things that have happened in June. And believe me, there have been some GREAT things.


My friend Cyndi had a spare ticket to watch both parts one and two of Harry Potter and the Cursed Child. As soon as she asked I knew I had to go and we had a great time.

We disappeared back into the magical world of Harry Potter for two nights and it was incredible, from the special effects to the acting itself.

I won’t reveal anything else because…. #keepthesecrets but guys. Just go.

For the past two evenings I’ve been transported into the wizzarding world. And it was awesome. #keepthesecret #harrypotter

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Melting in the heat with Emily from The Cosy Traveller

Emily from The Cosy Traveller and I decided to go for our monthly wander around London on the hottest day of the year yet.


We explored Little Venice, Paddington and finished up with ice cream in Kensington Gardens and laying there for literally two hours until we could actually get back up again and get moving home.

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And there were the elections. I told myself I wouldn’t stay up. I told myself when it got to midnight I would go to bed.

I told myself at 1am, I would feel like shit in the morning.

And I told myself at 2am that the nerdiness really did need to sort its shit out.

Was I pleased with the results? Yes I was. Would I prefer Labour to have won? Of course I would. Do I feel comfortable with Corbyn being called ‘the absolute boy’? Not sure. But come election night I definitely did refer to him like that at one point.

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I’m excited for what July has to bring and also what blogging has in store for me.

Have you ever lost your blogging mojo and got it back? Also while i’m thinking, what the hell is up with Instagram at the moment?

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