June 21, 2018

Video: A 36 hour stopover in Hong Kong

I went to a three mobile event where we learnt how to shoot video and edit using Adobe Premiere.

I remember using Adobe Premiere when I was in university but I never really understood what I could do with it – I genuinely hated our video journalism sessions because it was so stressful.

But, after listening to Greg of Travizeo talk about using Adobe Premiere, I felt somewhat inspired and determined to finally use all of the footage from my GoPro and make something with it.

Instead of going for the big Australia Ocean Road project I decided to go for a shorter video of my stopover in Hong Kong.

And here it is!

There’s definitely room for improvement but i’m pretty pleased with the results after just two hours tuition on Adobe Premiere.

My stopover in Hong Kong at the beginning of the year was lovely.

I stayed at the Conrad in Admiralty and I swear I have never stayed in anywhere as fancy as the Conrad. Not only did they accommodate for every part of my stay – including a personalised Octapus card! They also made sure that I had everything to make the most of my short time in Hong Kong.

The following day before getting on the flight was spent doing all of the usual touristy things from the Peak (which was insanely busy) to wandering around Central and Causeway Bay.

I also stopped by a beautiful cafe in Admiralty that did 3D foam art! They were quite close to closing at the time but still made me a cappuccino with foam in the shape of a dog! It was amazing!

And then my time in Hong Kong came to a close with a trip around the harbour on the Star Ferry while the Symphony of Lights were on.

I was sad to leave but looking back at this video makes me incredibly happy.

I just love Hong Kong so much and know that i’ll go back there soon. As soon as possible I hope!

And now I just need to get around to sorting through my Great Ocean Road footage!

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  1. I absolutely love Hong Kong. It’s my most favourite place in the world. I’m yet to visit in Winter as I normally head over in Autumn. I’ve been 5 times now I can just can’t wait to go back, it’s almost infectious.

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