January 1, 2019

How to make the most of a trip to the Australian Open

If there’s a highlight in Australia’s sporting calendar then it has to be the Australian Open.

Every January, the world’s best tennis players convene on Melbourne Park to answer the challenge of winning a grand slam.

There’s something rather special about the Australian Open, from its good weather to its fun atmosphere.

Personally, I think it is one of the best tennis tournaments around.

Last year I spent a couple of days being transfixed by the tennis.

So i’ve decided to put together this little guide on making the most of your trip to Melbourne Park.

Get a ticket for both a day and a night session

While the day sessions are good fun, the atmosphere during a night session is twice as good.

In order to get the true Australian Open experience then try and get one day ticket and one night ticket.

By going in the night, you’re able to explore the city during the day and see what else Melbourne has to offer.

And I would definitely recommend trying the Rod Laver arena for one night and the Hisense Arena for another session.

Get plenty of sleep prepared for the night sessions

When I was there last year, the second match on Rod Laver arena started just before midnight.

I was a bit jet lagged and falling asleep by the end of it.

So make sure you stock up on sleep before you go!

Allow yourself plenty of time to explore the park

Aside from the tennis, there’s lots of activities going on around the park.

The sponsors usually host activities and there is lots of good food around too!

Plus you’ll need lots of time to refrain from buying the entire shop.

If you want to venture outside and still get the AO experience, then try the park next door where concerts are usually held on the evenings and games and screened on the big TV.

Be prepared for the high temperatures

The Australian Open falls right in the middle of summer with temperatures reaching up to 40C.

Try and get seats in the shade and make sure you bring a hat, suncream and plenty of water with you.

And take a few breaks and sit in the air conditioned areas inside the Rod Laver and Hisense arenas.

Get in early and see the players practicing

The Aussie Open has a ramp which overlooks the practice courts. When you get there, you can see signs informing you of who has booked them and what times.

If you’re lucky, you could see Roger Federer or Andy Murray practicing!

We managed to see Stan Warwrinka which was really cool.

Feel like you want more action?

When the tournament isn’t being held, you can actually play on the courts and take a tour behind the scenes.

I would thoroughly recommend it. I got to play on a court that Serena Williams used and I felt like a bit of a tennis star (definitely not though!)

I absolutely loved my time at the Australian and hope you do too!

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