A day trip to Trier, Germany from Luxembourg

If you’ve ever wondered what it’s like to be in a real life Disney fantasyland, then Trier is the place to be.

After seeing all of the sights in Luxembourg, we were faced with a challenge, either get on a fast train to Koblenz, head into France or try out a place we hadn’t really heard of but looked nice on Google images.

Google images won. Mainly because it’s something i’ve done before and it paid off – I remember discovering the Valley of Fire through Google images around ten years ago!

So at 10.30, and just 20 euros each later, we had a return ticket to Trier and were on our way.

Hauptmarkt, located right in the centre of Trier

I was taken aback by Port Nigra, the roman arch into the centre of Trier’s historic quarter

I found out about the palace by looking up Trier on Instagram places

Where is Trier?

Trier is across the border from Luxembourg in Germany. As soon as the train crosses over the border, the tannoy changes to German and….you’re in another country, just like magic!

It takes around 40 minutes on the train from Luxembourg train station to Trier’s main station.

Trains are every half an hour or so and the town centre is only a ten minute walk away from the station.

When the crown met the crown: My hair made me feel like I was in a Disney movie

Some of the medieval buildings date back to the 8-900s

The garden outside the palace is definitely worth a visit too

I’ll be honest, I was pleasantly surprised by Trier.

I didn’t expect such a small town to have so much on offer but there were so many things to do in the town we definitely could have stayed longer.

The heat was blazing down on us as we wandered around but we managed to find some shade in the grounds of the Electoral Palace where we sat on a bench and eat our packed lunch we bought from Paul, the bakery.

When we visited, it was 36C but we still managed to see quite a bit including the Roman ruins

Trier Cathedral is definitely worth a visit

Be sure to sit down somewhere for an ice cream or a Bratwurst along the way

When walking around the town, it felt like there were so many twists and turns and so many different streets we could go down, there were so many places to explore.

When taking refuge from the heat again (it got to 36C!), we explored some of the town’s many churches – there are so many! Including the basilica and also the cathedral.

And before we knew it, it was time to head back on the train to Luxembourg.

Why visit Trier?

It’s a popular town, founded by the Romans and luckily, there are few preserved structures left including the Porta Nigra gate which is definitely worth a stop.

The amount of history in it means there’s something new to look at on every corner. The medieval buildings are definitely a highlight  – the ones I actually saw on Google images!

Trier is also the birthplace of Karl Marx which brings a lot of Chinese tourists to the town too. Apparently 150,000 a year!

And also it’s the perfect place to visit for the day from Luxembourg without having to travel a longer distance.

I feel like Cinderella definitely could have lived here

Take some time to wander down some of the side streets to find other impressive buildings

What can you realistically do during your time there?

  • Electoral Palace: The pink palace that looks like something that a Disney Princess would live in. It used to be home to archbishops but now it houses various government offices. The gardens outside are really pretty too.
  • Hauptmarkt: The old market square is one of the highlights and makes you feel like you’re in Chitty Chitty Bang Bang. Definitely wander around some of the side streets too in order to see some cool buildings.
  • Trier Cathedral: It’s Germany’s oldest bishops church. It’s also got some incredible architecture inside.
  • Porta Nigra: If you’re coming from the train station, it’s the first thing you will see. It’s thought to originate from around 180AD so being able to get up close to it and even climb to the top of it is pretty impressive.
  • Karl Marx museum: I didn’t visit this as it was rather hot but the reviews are good and it was right in the centre of the town so doable.
  • Eat Bratwurst like a boss. Plenty of opportunities to do that in the old own!

As you can tell, the palace was definitely my favourite spot

We picked a good day to go – the skies were so blue

It did feel a bit weird seeing some of the chain shops in beautiful buildings

Is it worth it?

YES! Definitely! 100 percent.

I’d certainly recommend it to someone who is visiting Luxembourg. If you’re visiting Luxembourg, i’d definitely recommend that you allow yourself a day to see Trier. It’s a bit of a contrast to Luxembourg and it also feels like such a novelty to be able to pop to a country for the day.

I mean that’s why I love Europe so much – everything is accessible.

P.S. Brexit is shit.

All of these images were taken using an iPhone X which was loaned to me by my friends at three mobile. Would I recommend the handset? Uh yes. I was absolutely gutted to have to give it back! Best photo quality i’ve seen on a phone in ages! 

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