June 16, 2018

How to cope with freelancing when it gets hard

I sat on the phone in tears. “I can’t do this any more. The rejections are just really getting to me.”

I was facing a week of rejection emails after spending a considerable amount of time pitching some freelance articles. And the latest one had really got to me.

Perhaps I just wasn’t good enough, I thought to myself.

At the time I had just embarked on my freelance journey and now looking back with over four years freelance experience, I like to think i’ve grown thicker skin. Well, at least I hope I have!

Of course, rejections still hurt. Especially when you’ve managed to convince yourself that you’ve come up with the best story possible.

Looking back at how I felt before, I think these are the lessons i’ve leant and the things I would tell my younger self now.

Advice from other freelancers

I decided to take to Twitter to ask advice from other freelancers who were very kind to share what they’d learnt on their freelance journey.

Here’s what they said:

What are your top tips for freelancing? And how do you cope with the pressure? Let me know! 

Also, freelancing is hard. I get it. If you have any questions then let me know! 

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