July 25, 2018

How I like to prepare for my holiday

There’s a joke I have with a friend about going on holiday. We have a saying “If you’ve got your passport, wallet and phone” then that’s all you need.

Mainly it’s because i’m quite bad at leaving things to the last minute and so it eventually just gets to the point where I just hope for the best and if not at least I have my passport, wallet and phone!

I’ve had a few mishaps when it comes to travelling, from out of date passports to late arriving visas and getting lost finding the hotel on arrival.

So now I do have a little routine of things I tend to do when preparing for my holiday.

Suncream, suncream, suncream

I’m a redhead and I burn really badly in the sun so I always without fail purchase some more suncream to take with me. They’ve started doing it in a mini versions, under 100ml which is helpful when travelling for a weekend with just hand baggage.

Passport, visas (very important!)

I know this seems a bit of a silly one but i’ve definitely booked a trip and realised a couple of days before that my passport was out of date (PANIC!) so it’s good to make sure you have it and that everything is okay.

Make sure when travelling abroad that you’re all sorted with visas etc. Nothing worse than having a panic when you realise you might not have enough time!

Also when it comes to visas that you need to collect or order, make sure you give yourself enough time and that you take into account any national holidays of that country where the visa office will be closed (I’m looking at you China.)

Foreign currency

I sometimes leave it until an ATM at the airport upon landing but when i’m feeling ultra prepared I like to get myself some cash – even a little just to make sure I have enough when I land.

It’s always good to feel prepared especially when you land somewhere new, then you’re good to go as soon as you land.

Travel insurance

When I was younger I used to think especially during weekend city breaks that it wasn’t really necessary but after being in a motorbike accident abroad (the bike hit me as I was crossing the road) I am fully behind the idea of travel insurance.

I now make sure I have annual insurance so even if I decide to go somewhere last minute, i’m covered. Plus it’s extremely helpful if your luggage is lost or your flight is delayed.

Figure out a route to the airport or train station

Don’t just wing it. Figure out a proper route to the airport or train station and make sure that you allow plenty of time to get there. There is nothing worse than starting your holiday in a massive panic.

When visiting Paris it’s always good to make sure you know a route from the airport to the hotel

And of course figure out a route on how to get to the hotel when you land! Nothing worse than wandering around a new city with no idea where you are going!

Make sure the bank knows you’re going abroad

I’ve forgotten to do this so many times and it’s always been a massive pain because the bank blocks your card and you have to spend half your day on the phone letting them know where you are. My bank allows you to notify them online before you go which is incredibly helpful.

Tidy my house

Maybe it’s an age thing but now before I go on holiday, I like to tidy my room so that when I come back i’m not faced with an absolute mess. There’s nothing worse than having to fight your way into your room after a massive packing panic has led to you throwing your clothes everywhere.

Sometimes coming back home can be a bit stressful and having your house clean helps with that a little.

For all your travel insurance visit: https://www.bupaglobal.com/en/travel-insurance

This was a sponsored post but all opinions and views on my way of preparing for travel are my own including my terrible organisation! 

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