April 18, 2017

Hiking up Adelaide’s Mount Lofty

Adelaide is a city that has a bit of everything – city, beaches and of course the mountains. Luckily for Radelaiders the mountains aren’t far away and even boast some waterfalls of their own.

During my last trip to Adelaide we finally hiked up the entire mountain, past the waterfalls and up to the lookout where you can see the whole of the South Australian capital.

It was one of the highlights of my trip and gives you time to reflect on what a cool and overlooked city Adelaide is.

Although thanks to a big thumbs up from Lonley Planet, it might not be overlooked for much longer!

There is a car park at the beginning part of the walk known as Waterfall Gully and if you’ve come unprepared then there is also a cafe at both the beginning and the end of the walk.

The hike starts with the beautiful waterfalls and you’re allowed to get fairly close to them too.

I thought it was going to be fairly easy as the top didn’t look that far away but I was definitely fooled. Add in the fact that it was a good 30 degrees – this British girl was not ready for the sun or the heat!

The climb at some points is quite steep but you’ll still come across some locals running up and down – I couldn’t believe it!

We reached the top after around an hour and were thankful to see the cafe so we could get an ice cold drink!

And then of course there was the view when we finally got there.

It’s from the viewing platform that you can really see what a different kind of city Adelaide is. You’re standing in the hills covered in trees, looking out at both the city and the beaches.

There’s a guide at the top telling you what you can see such as the city’s cathedral and also both airports (one is used to train pilots for Cathay Pacific).

If you’re still in the mood to hike some further, you can take a wander over to Cleeland Wildlife Park where you can pet a koala or a kangaroo or if you fancy it, you can hike all of the way back down.

You can find info on the trail here.

If you’re visiting Adelaide then I definitely recommend it. Plus both times i’ve been here i’ve had some cool wildlife encounters – one with a koala right in front of me and the other with this bright bird which I was told is quite rare!

Have you been to Adelaide? I’m thinking about doing some more tips on the city. Let me know if this would interest you! 

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