January 8, 2020

Hello 2020!

2020 is here and now everyone is done recapping their 2019, I guess it’s time to look ahead to what the next year has to offer.

I’m not one for recaps or resolutions as I tend to find if I call them a resolution, I probably won’t keep to them very long.

So I tend to go for goals. Goals are something to work to and can be anything from trying to eat more fruit and veg to …..

So what are my goals for the next 12 months?

Sophie at a palace in Seoul

Keep going with fitness

I absolutely LOVE going to the gym. Sure, there are days where I can’t be bothered but when I get there and exercise I feel so better for doing it. I find that exercising helps any anxiety I may have and definitely helps me focus more when it comes to work. Plus it’s something to do in the evenings rather than sit at home and watch tv.

This year, i’m trying out more fitness classes. I already started going to reformer pilates last year and absolutely loved it – I found it really helped to strengthen my body and help with my fibromyalgia which can be a right (literal) pain.

So this year I am going to continue to try new things when it comes to fitness from barre to dance cardio and HIIT classes (we’ll see how the last one goes).

Blogging at least once every three weeks

I know that doesn’t really seem like much but work tends to take up a lot of my time especially as I work shifts so I feel like this is a good goal to have. Also sometimes, I don’t have an idea so I don’t want to pressure myself into posting something just for the sake of it.

I have a lot of Seoul content to get through so very excited about that. My Seoul pictures were quite well received on Instagram so looking forward to sharing some of the spots from there.

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Plus every three weeks is still a lot of content and if I want to blog more then I can.

Buying fewer clothes

I had a sort through my wardrobe and was horrified about how many items of clothes I have. So I had a good sort through and have now decided I need to implement a one in one out policy.

I can continue to buy sports clothes if I need to and underwear of course but that’s it. I’m also thinking about attending a few clothing swaps if I am looking for something new. I’ll be interested to see how much money I save – I didn’t think that I bought that many clothes so we shall see!

Save money

I guess that comes hand in hand with buying fewer clothes! But i’m really keen on trying to save some money every month even if it’s just a little.

Living in London can be expensive but I definitely feel like I could be saving some more. And it would definitely help me travel more often!

Being a bit more social

I can definitely be a bit anti-social. I love my own company so I think this year I need to be a bit more pro-active and make plans with people. It doesn’t have to be every weekend but more often than I do now!

Visit two new places this year

I’ve actually had this goal for the past couple of years and have met it every time. It includes countries, cities and states – I don’t like this whole country counting lark.

And funnily enough, I know right now that I am going to meet my goal. I booked tickets to Bruges and then also am going to Utah in November. I am so excited!!

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And that’s my goals for this year. I guess I could come up with more but I don’t want to swamp myself with a load of challenges.

One response to “Hello 2020!”

  1. Emily Ray says:

    I’m with you on ALLLL of these things this year, love — definitely need to make 2020 a year to save money! And 2021. And 2022…. urgh xx

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