October 30, 2017

What happened: October edition

I know it’s cliche but where the bloody hell has October gone?

I remember freaking out about it coming around so quickly last month but now it’s really and truly over and my winter coat is back on.

It’s freezing outside!

October has marked a change of pace for work – taking on more hours at another job after leaving another position last month.

It’s also meant lots of little outings and trying to make the most of my days off as possible from walks around Hampstead to evenings out.

So here’s a quick guide to my October.

I saw Hillary Clinton

I’ve written a post about it and i’ve been debating whether to press publish or not. I somehow managed to get tickets to see her talk at the Southbank Centre as part of the London Literary Festival.

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I know this sounds weird but seeing someone you’ve reported on in the past and hearing her views on women in politics and how we can make a better and more caring society made me feel a little emotional. Screw it. I almost cried. I felt so sad to see her walk off that stage at the end knowing that her life now could have been so different.

I have been reading Hillary’s book since and I just am in awe at this woman. The more I read about her background, the more I understand why she would have been such an incredible President.

I went on a press trip to Portsmouth

This was part of work for a publication I went for and I had such a great time. I ended up staying on a fort in the middle of the sea between Portsmouth and the Isle of Wight. It was such a surreal experience.

The following day I then went to the Historic Dockyard and visited the Mary Rose museum and HMS Victory. And then to finish off a quick 48 hours, I visited Gunwharf Quays shopping centre right next to the train station. I managed to get some great bargains including a cute Jack Wills shirt.

As soon as the piece is up, i’ll write some more on here about my trip.

I spent the day with zombies

Again this was for work. I followed a load of zombies around London as part of a Facebook live and it was weird but also good fun!

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I booked tickets to Luxembourg

Well actually, I bought four tickets to see the Killers in Luxembourg. I only wanted two. After weeks of going backwards and forwards, I finally managed to get one pair refunded and I guess I am off to Luxembourg in March. I am really excited as it marks another country I have never visited ticked off my ‘places to go’ list.

March is a while away though so plenty of time to plan before I go!

Halloween happened

To celebrate Halloween, me and my housemates went to a Meatloaf themed power ballads night at Kentish Town Forum and it was possibly one of the most fun nights ever. So many great tunes. So much dancing – my entire body ached all day!

Things I wrote this month

Other blog posts i’ve likes this month

Moving forwards to November

It’s going to be another busy month work-wise as i’m trying to get as many hours in as possible in the run up to Christmas.

However there will be some fun days this November. I’m heading out to film the Lantern Festival for one of my jobs. And a friend of mine is taking me to Hogwarts in the Snow! I am so excited for that. I haven’t been to Harry Potter studios yet so it’s going to be a real treat!

And I am seeing the Killers twice at the 02 arena in London. It’s always good to see them play a venue just down the road although it’s going to be a lot bigger than the last two times i’ve seen them. I’ll also be seeing Future Islands at Brixton Academy as well.

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