December 3, 2017

What happened: November edition

It’s Decemberrrrrrrrrr!

That’s right. Everyone’s getting festive and i’m all like ‘mate it’s freezing’.

I spent my day off the other day sat in my onesie watching the Gilmore Girls revival for the umpteenth time beginning to look forward to the end of the year.

I’ll be working a lot of it but I don’t know, i’ve got a good feeling about 2018. I feel like it’s the time to really focus and think about career stuff and also maintain a MUCH better work/life balance. Because I feel like i’ve been working constantly this year.

But before I go deep into any New Year’s resolution shit. Here’s what I got up to in the lovely month of November.

We may as well start with……

The Killers

Well you know me……

I didn’t get to see them as many times as any super fan would like to this month but I did get to see the band from Las Vegas twice this month.

I went to both 02 dates which left me feeling like a bit of an old lady the following day.

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Honestly, I can’t say i’m much of a fan of the new album Wonderful Wonderful. It took a while for the Man to grow on me. I really like The Calling, but the rest of it is pretty dire which made me cautious about seeing them.

The first date I saw them, they played a lot of the new stuff and you could tell the crowd were not getting it. But then the second night they went into a greatest hits medley and I was so for that.

Anyway, that’s the last of The Killers for the next few months unless I get a lottery win and end up in the US. No? Okay.

Hogwarts in the Snow

One of my friends brought me along as her plus one to the Hogwarts in the Snow event and I was a massive child.

I’ve already written about that on here but it definitely was one of the highlights of the month.

I wish i’d bumped into David Tennant though who was also there. I totally forgot he was Barty Crouch junior!

Dinner at the Churchill Bar

I have some of the best friends including Emily from The Cosy Traveller who invited me along to try out the tasting menu at the Churchill Bar at the Hyatt Hotel.

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We had a few cocktails before sampling some dishes – and there was a whole section for cake which I definitely approved of. My favourite had to be the strawberry cheesecake that we had.

We finished our evening off with a pot of ginger and honey tea before heading home.

Having an early Christmas

My aunt from Australia was over in November and so before she headed back, we donned our best Christmas attire (my Elvis t-shirt) and got cooking. We had a complete Christmas dinner which even came with crackers!

It felt a little odd to be having it so early especially with Christmas music in the background but it was a nice thing to do as we rarely get to spend Christmas together as an extended family these days.

It also means the countdown to Australia has begun – January 13 I take off for Melbourne. The Australian Open tickets are booked and I am so excited to see some tennis action!

Things I wrote this month

This month has been about writing mammoth guides.

Posts i’ve loved this month from other people

I’m not going to lie, this month has been incredibly busy and i’ve not read many blog posts but I absolutely adored Beverley’s post on what it’s like to be a freelancer and the loneliness that can come with it. I really related to it and it made me think about what I can do to make my freelance life better.

Looking ahead to December

Is it bad that i’m looking forward to 2018 already? I’ve got plans and I just want to get them started!

December will see me working a lot. I mean a lot. Because i’m off to Australia at the beginning of January so i’m trying to earn as much money as possible – oh the joys of freelancing.

But i’m looking forward to getting a few days off over Christmas.

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  1. Emily Ray says:

    You’re SUCH an old lady. Always a pleasure seeing you though, my loveliest <3

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