January 28, 2018

Freelance life: Things I did wrong in 2017

It’s still January which means there is still a little time left to reflect on the year gone by. I can’t say it’s been an easy one but it happened, it’s now over and it’s time to look forward to the challenges that 2018 has to offer.

And I am excited.

I first started writing about what it’s like to be a freelancer around two years ago. I’d just come back from China and had discovered that a contract job in journalism basically doesn’t exist anymore.

And so I joined the masses of people working freelance. And I loved the flexibility I had to be able to cover so many things and have opportunities to write about topics that I love.

One of my favourite articles that I have done came just a couple of months in to being freelance.

But there are definitely lots of mistakes that I made in 2017.

I didn’t keep my receipts and expenses

I know. I can hear all of you finance savvy people groaning. I told myself time and time again that I would start some kind of spreadsheet. Did I? Of course not. And now here I am trying to search through everything and find what I actually spent my money on in 2016/2017 and trying to fill it all out.

I let people owe me money for a really long time

Four months. Just got it at the end of last month. Not working with them again.

Took pitch rejections a bit too much to heart

So you think you’ve got a great story and you pitch it and there’s no response and so you pitch it some more and still nothing. It sucks. But I shouldn’t have let it bother me so much. I should have thought about how to make it better or perhaps leave it and wait for it to become topical.

I stayed working for someone I didn’t like and it was hell

They were an easy source of income. Working there made me feel physically sick. I left. Things got better. I hustled and found other people to work for. And I love the people I work for now!

I let my self-confidence get a bit of a knock

Not being in offices all the time means that when you are actually back in an office it can be a bit overwhelming. I remember one day in the office I barely said a word to anyone, I felt so shy and overwhelmed by people who seemed to be so confident and knew what to do.

I like to think i’m getting my self confidence back. I try and pump myself up before going into work with some loud music and try and turn into a confident person. It does actually work!

I neglected some of my best sources of income!

This blog for one! I should definitely be posting more. I’ve worked with some great brands in 2017 and that’s something I really want to do more of in 2018.

Not only that but I should be pitching more to travel magazines. I love writing for them but for some strange reason, I failed to pitch to any in the second half of this year!

So what are my goals for 2018?

I’m not really one to make New Year’s Resolutions but here are some goals that I would like moving ahead to 2018:

Let’s hope I stick to them!

Anyone else got any freelance goals for 2018? Hit me up and let’s see if we can smash them! 

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