April 27, 2020

Things getting me through the lockdown

The lockdown in London was announced on my birthday and it was a bit of a shock.

All of a sudden we were told we had to stay indoors and we don’t know how long it will go on for.

The restrictions are in place to keep us safe and help the NHS so it’s all for a very good reason.

I’ve been sticking to the rules – getting my one hour of exercise every day and only going to the shops when I REALLY need to.

I’ll tell you something though, lockdown is not easy.

One day you’re fine and enjoying being inside with boxsets and lounging in your sweatpants and the next, you’re crying over something really trivial.

Here are some of the things that are keeping me busy during the lockdown.

Fitness classes with FRAME

I’ve been going to pilates and rebounding classes at FRAME for a while now and absolutely love them. I miss them so much as I find them to be a real stress release, and I mean who doesn’t smile while jumping around to Britney Spears on a trampoline.

So I was very excited when FRAME announced they’d set up online classes. I’ve been enjoying their 80s aerobics and dance cardio classes.

I’m going to try some of their other classes this week such as pilates and HIIT. It’s good because they add new exercises every week which keeps exercise exciting.

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Apollo 13 podcast

Podcasts are a bit hit and miss for me. It takes a lot for me to get into them because I need something that’s going to keep my interest for an hour or so. I’m a big fan of Jonathan Van Ness’ podcast Getting Curious because every episode is different.

But this week I decided to listen to the Apollo 13 podcast on BBC Sounds and absolutely loved it. It tells the story of the mission, what went wrong and why it went wrong. It’s full of crazy facts. I’m a bit of a space nerd so it’s perfect for me.

Learning to draw manga

Everyone seems to be doing something productive during this lockdown, whether its baking banana bread or doing home improvements.

I know it’s not a big thing but I really would like to achieve something during this lockdown. I’ve already started watching Mandarin telly dramas to help improve my listening skills but thought I needed something a bit more relaxing. I’m always scrolling through my phone at the moment so I wanted something to switch off.

So I went online and found a book on how to draw kawaii manga. I’ve been loving it so far – it’s quite relaxing and rewarding too. I’m hoping i’ll be better at it by the time this all ends!

Sprucing up my bedroom

Now that I’m spending more time indoors I thought it would probably be a good idea to make my room a little nicer.

I’ve even had a sort through my wardrobes to try and get rid of some old clothes. As I mentioned before – I have too many clothes!


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I’m definitely trying to keep my room tidy as that always improves my mood.

I’ve bought myself a lovely new duvet cover from Marks & Spencer to help brighten it up a bit and i’m thinking about buying some more prints for my room on Etsy – but we’ll see about that.

My 9-5 job

I don’t usually talk about my work on here as I like to keep that separate. But I can’t miss this off the list! I’m working from home at the moment but there’s lots of things to be doing so it’s keeping me busy.

Although I do miss being in the office with everyone – meetings on Zoom just aren’t the same. Although I am enjoying the very short commute from my bed to my desk – definitely helps with the early starts.

Another benefit to working from home is wearing sweatpants and also being able to bake. cookies during your lunch hour.

Themed days with the flatmates

I live with two friends and in order to keep ourselves entertained during the lockdown, we’ve come up with the idea of having one themed day a week.

One week we made pizza, one week we had a picnic in the garden and the other week we made ourselves brunch and had prosecco.

Next? We’re having a Mexican day for Cinco de Mayo. Very excited.

Lockdown breakfast on the patio

I’ve given myself a list of things that I would quite like to get done before the lockdown ends. I would like to take some pictures of old clothes so that I can post them on Depop and Ebay. I’d also quite like to actually put my notes from Chinese class at SOAS into some kind of order.

But it’s also important to remember that not every day needs to be productive. If you get out of bed, watch a box set and just chill out, that’s ok too. We’re going through a weird time and it’s okay to feel anxious and unproductive. In fact, the day after this was written I felt anxious and unproductive. The next? Absolutely fine.

It’s important to look after yourself and be kind.

Keep me posted on the ways you’ve entertained yourself during the lockdown.

Stay safe and wash your hands x

One response to “Things getting me through the lockdown”

  1. Emily Ray says:

    Love this, Soph. I’m really enjoying seeing what small things are helping people at the moment – I think it’s all about appreciating the small things right now and just being kind to yourself. Miss you long time, love xxx

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