December 6, 2016

Spending Christmas in Sanya, a Chinese paradise

Sanya, China

“It doesn’t really feel like Christmas at all”

Having landed back in China at the beginning of November, it was absolutely freezing cold. I couldn’t believe the sheer difference in temperature from Xi’an to Beijing.

Feeling like some warmth and good times with friends was needed, a group of us decided to take some time off and head out to China’s Hawaii for Christmas.

It was one of those things where we hadn’t seen each other for a couple of months, and if you’re not going to spend the holidays with family, you were definitely going to spend it with your best buds on a tropical island.

And so on December 23, I landed wearing tights and a coat at Sanya airport and was greeted by stunning palm trees and white beaches. Wherever I was, it certainly didn’t feel like China.

Sanya, China

As soon as we met up again on the beach, crushed a few beers and caught up with all the goings on, I couldn’t think of a more perfect way to spend my Christmas in China.

We spent our days swimming in the sea, sitting out on the beach and even out on our little balcony at the hostel.

I even managed to find a Starbucks to get the traditional Christmas drink. So perhaps it did feel like Christmas after all.

Sanya, China

Christmas Day in Sanya

When it came to Christmas Day we found a Russian restaurant where we eat pretty much everything on the menu – breakfast, dinner, lunch and lots of ice cream – it was Christmas after all.

During the evening, we popped open the champagne and skyped family back home before heading out to a Russian karaoke bar.

When I got back to Beijing, it was only then that I realised what a different but incredible experience we’d had.

And as I stood in the -5 degree weather in my shorts in the taxi rank at Beijing airport, I was already planning my next Christmas in Sanya.

I so want to go back again soon!

Have you been abroad during Christmas? Where did you spend the holidays? Let me know! 

2 responses to “Spending Christmas in Sanya, a Chinese paradise”

  1. Sounds like a fun and exoctic Christmas. I am a fellow (food) blogger heading to Beijing in Feb. Trying to connect with local blogers there is stil in Beijing 🙂

    • Sophie says:

      It definitely was! Oh that’s exciting! I’m no longer in Beijing but there are so many great places to eat! Very jealous!

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