China’s freezing Disneyland: Harbin Snow and Ice Festival

No this isn’t a scene from Frozen, this is Harbin Snow and Ice Festival in China. Possibly my favourite trip that I did while living in China and also the most costly to get to.

Every year in January and February people rush to northern China to see the year’s Ice and Snow Festival, thought to the the biggest in the world.

Sculptors from around the world join together to create the amazing snow and ice wonderland, carving the blocks of ice from the local river.

Harbin is a fun city filled with Russian influences however it really comes to life during the evening when everything goes dark and the sculptures are lit up.

However don’t forget to bring warm clothing as temperatures at night while I was there dropped to around -28 degrees!

It does feel like a scene in a Disney movie and it is basically a Disneyland on ice – I miss it so much.

There’s something for everyone from musical pianos you can play with your feet to slides that even the big kids can enjoy.

The festival is usually open for around 100 days and there are different parts to visit.

Aside from the big park, there is also a small ice village which has some good sculptures and also a snow world filled with large snow sculptures with some even depicting scenes from films.

Harbin is well connected flight-wise and is served by all major airlines. I took a flight from Xi’an to Harbin when I visited. Hotels during the time of the festival are quite expensive but it’s more than worth the money forked out. I recommend the Ibis which is located in the centre of the city. They can also help you out with transportation to the different parks. 

Entry to the Harbin Snow and Ice Festival costs around 300 yuan for the main park. 

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