November 18, 2020

Discovering the Brecon Beacons waterfalls

We’re all exploring more of our backyard at the moment which personally, I can only see as a good thing.

I mean, who knew that there were parts of the UK that were this beautiful?!

During my last trip home to Bristol I took a day trip to the Brecon Beacons waterfalls, including the one you can walk behind.

The walk itself takes you past four waterfalls and is just over five miles long – which seems like a good distance for a day hike including travelling.

We came extra prepared with walking boots, raincoats and a cracking packed lunch – and a dog (a very good boy) to keep us company.

How was the walk?

Luckily, we visited on a weekday which meant that there were less people around than usual. It allowed us to walk at our own pace and I was able to take lots of pictures.

The walk itself was strenuous in some parts – especially with having to go up and down to see the waterfalls. But I absolutely loved it.

Sophie and Henry the dog at the Brecon Beacons waterfalls

After weeks of working from home in London, it was so lovely to get out and about and get some proper fresh air.

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On the day we went it was raining and a little bit chilly otherwise I would have got into the pools and had a swim – several people had brought their own stuff and were swimming when I reached the last waterfall.

Would I recommend it? Absolutely! It was such a lovely day out.

Henry the dog

How do you get to the Brecon Beacons waterfalls?

We drove from Bristol which took about an hour and a half. It was such a lovely drive though – as we entered Wales it started to get really green and the views from the hills in the Brecons were amazing – lots of great sheep too.

There is a car park right next to the waterfall which costs about £4 – it does get extremely busy though.

If you can’t drive then the nearest train station to the Brecon Beacons waterfalls is Ebbw Vale but it will be a journey to the falls.

What should you take with you?


Have you done the waterfalls walk? Is there anything i’ve missed off my list? Let me know. 

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