A twenty something journalist recently returned from 3 years in China who likes a good long island iced tea and a beach. Currently working for a national newspaper in London.

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What the latest story?

I’ve been really enjoying reading other blogs lately and spending some time enjoying what others are up to. So I thought i’d try and give this weekly updating thing a go. So what has been going on this week? Work. Moving. Stress. Fun times. I…


Visiting the terracotta warriors in Xi’an

Xi’an, located in the northwest of China is probably most known for the Terracotta Warriors. Their history is fascinating. The shortened story is that they were buried with the emperor in 210-209BCE and their purpose was to protect him during the afterlife. They were discovered…


What’s the story?

It’s been a long time apart my dear blog. While I have to say it’s needed, I have missed it quite a lot. My blog got deleted and everything with it and i’ve been struggling to get back into my mojo until the other day,…


Mistakes I made on my trip to Moscow

I’d always wanted to visit Moscow. I’d had a fascination with the country ever since I watched the horrifically inaccurate Anastacia cartoon and then went on to study Russian history at school. I’d built up some airmiles from when I was studying abroad and had…


Feeling like royalty in Amsterdam

Walking through the doors of the Waldorf Astoria in Amsterdam, I couldn’t help but think that maybe there was some confusion. I’m not a member of royalty or some A-list celebrity, but as soon as I entered the hotel, I certainly felt like one. Having…


Where to take your granny in London

I’m in Bristol this week to celebrate my granny’s 70th birthday so this one’s for you wonderful lady! I was’t quite sure what to do with my grandma when she said she was going to visit. It was her first visit to see me since…