A twenty something journalist recently returned from 3 years in China who likes a good long island iced tea and a beach. Currently working for a national newspaper in London.

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The best ways to see the Great Wall of China

The Great Wall of China is quite honestly a beast. But it’s the one beast people have at the top of their bucket list when they visit the country. Hell, i’ve even heard of people skipping Beijing, heading straight to the wall and flying back…


Spending Christmas in Paris

I know it’s a little late but i’ve only just got around to sorting through my photos from the family Christmas in Paris. And boy was it an awesome Christmas. It was unusual, Christmas Day on the Eiffel Tower and Boxing Day in Disneyland Paris…


Things that happened in JANUARY

I’m always one for an update post and as we’re nearing the end of January (please make the cold stop) it seems like it’s about time! January for everyone is about making goals, resolutions and thinking about the rest of the year and i’ve certainly…


Paris i’m REALLY sorry.

It was the third night in a row that i’d dreamt about Paris and unfortunately it hadn’t been positive. With all of the news stories from the past year and a half, I couldn’t really blame myself for having doubts about visiting the French capital…