A twenty something journalist recently returned from 3 years in China who likes a good long island iced tea and a beach. Currently working for a national newspaper in London.

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An ode to The Killers

I can’t remember the first time I heard The Killers. It was either at a friend’s house when we were watching Somebody Told Me on MTV or when I was at my aunt’s house helping decorate and Hot Fuss was on in the background. But…


Things that happened: August

August was a busy month when it came to both work and doing stuff but I feel like this year is going so quickly. Can we make it stop please? Before we know it, it will be Christmas and then….New Year!! So before I forget…


Visiting Mayfield Lavender Farm

If you haven’t guessed yet, it’s lavender season here in the UK. Actually it’s nearing lavender season, but there’s still plenty of chances to get into a field of the smelly stuff here in the UK. A couple of weeks ago, me and Emily from…


What I loved about Beijing

I returned from living in Beijing for a year last November and while it wasn’t my favourite place to live, it certainly had a lot of charm to it. From the food, people, sights and smells, I can definitely say that Beijing had a lot…


What happened: July

I made a deal this month that I would get out more in between my busy schedule and do nice summery things in London. And when you say British summer what springs to mind? Wimbledon of course! Being a bit of a tennis nerd, it…


Five reasons to go to Xi’an, China

I’ll admit it. I’ll always be fairly biased when it comes to Xi’an. It was my former home and also my first home in China and it’s still by far my favourite city in the country. I hate it when people say that they’ve been…