September 19, 2017

An ode to The Killers

I can’t remember the first time I heard The Killers.

It was either at a friend’s house when we were watching Somebody Told Me on MTV or when I was at my aunt’s house helping decorate and Hot Fuss was on in the background.

But at the grand age of 14, I was hooked. They were my band.

Fast forward six months and i’m catching them support U2 in Cardiff. They only had Hot Fuss and had so few songs I think they just played Hot Fuss in its entirety. Brandon Flowers was still wearing that garish pink coat back then and despite a growth spurt and I could barely see the stage. But I had seen them. And bought the t-shirt to go with it.

I can’t believe it was 8 years ago since that secret killers show. And that was the start of all the craziness and awesome friendships. I’d definitely do it all again #thekillers #music #concert

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The years went by, Sam’s Town came along and I loved it more than life itself. We got hold of the last two tickets on the tour, in Newcastle, a five hour drive away. We were at the back, Flowers was a dot but he played My List and that was all I cared about.

At the time, school wasn’t really the best. A girl in my class had taken to wanting to kick the shit out of me in break time (thankfully she wasn’t too successful) and my refuge became going up into my room after school and listening to Sam’s Town on repeat. I mean come on, I had good taste. Thankfully, things got a lot better and along came V festival and then a year later Pukkelpop.

It’s funny because becoming a big fan of a band from an early age means that you kind of grow with all of the albums. I remember hearing people saying that in the past and cringing but it really is true.

Day and Age was when I was in sixth form. I had friends who would pass copies of NME magazine to each other under the table and i’d decided that being a writer was what I wanted from life. I can’t say I found Day and Age anywhere near as good as Sam’s Town but that would take a lot to beat. Neon Tiger was one of my favourites along with This is Your Life – still one of my top 10 songs of theirs.

It was also around the time I had started working and all cash went towards buying tickets. Just Killers tickets really….Belgium, Dublin, London, Birmingham, Cardiff, Birmingham again, London again. During that tour I made friends that I still see and speak to now.

And when I started university, there was Battleborn…..a mixed bag. Here With Me sounded like a bad rom-com soundtrack but Runaways was an absolute tune. I saw them once in London with plans to see them in Hong Kong. And….they cancelled. If it wasn’t for that trip, I would never have moved to Hong Kong for a semester abroad so thanks for that Killers!

There were solo tours and a hiatus right when I decided to move to China. And then when I moved back, there were shows. Actual Killers shows. Hyde Park, Brixton Academy, the One Show (randomly) and now there’s the entire Wonderful Wonderful tour.

While I don’t see as many shows as I used to, i’ve made sure that I get to see them for their two 02 arena shows which i’m very excited for. And perhaps there’s room for one more…

It feels odd seeing them now with just Brandon and Ronnie. I don’t care what people say, not having Dave Keuning for Mr Brightside or Read My Mind is simply not the same. BUT I am excited to see what Wonderful Wonderful is like. Will it make itself a match for Sam’s Town?

Many people like me have had one band that they’ve loved for such a long time. I’ve made new friends with many people along the road, had one hell of a lot of laughs and adventures, had very little sleep and queued for endless hours. And I can’t wait for the next ones.

Here’s to Wonderful Wonderful!

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